10-Broadcast Radio Manual 1958/59

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10-Broadcast Radio Manual 1958/59

 You can click this link for a general view about this type of manuals.


This manual has been sent to me by a member from China as a scan.


Tube Radios of the 1950s, up to 1957 (or 1958?) from 18 different manufacturers.
Index from page 1 to 306 (4 pages).

Work carried out
Get the PDF into single PNGs, get "grey noise" away, give a page number into the file name according to place in the book, all was done by Heribert Jung. For upload I had to change name according to model, rotate the PNG backwards into portrait format. Before I figured out the brand names and the manufacturer names (where possible). Next step was to create the models and to see that we don't generate doublets.

Reference literature name on model pages:
10-Broadcast Radio Manual, July 1959 (1958/59)
The "Fully detailled Model Search" (for members only) is responding with 155 models if this reference is selected.  

Picture legend for uploaded pictures:
Picture from the Broadcasting Radio Manual 1958/59 (internal no. 10), page ???, for reference when somebody is uploading real photos and as reference for collectors, comparing models.
Reference model: Beijing 北京 761
If new pictures have been added you have to select the reference picture to this manual.


Schematic Finder: (accessible for members only)
10-Broadcast Radio manual 1958/59.
139 models are indexed as having a schematic.

To be done:
Enter the missing manufacturers. Finding of names of manufacturers, presently under aaa...  by some member in PRC, HongKong or Taiwan. I have to explain how to find the Chinese characters on schematics if somebody takes u this job.
Perhaps one day we search for the missing pictures.

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