6e5s (6e5s)

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6e5s (6e5s) 
20.Feb.09 20:07

Sinisa Trlin (HR)
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Hickok 6000 settings for testing 6e5s are:

6e5s     6,3     HS-5608-0       100     100        A       ------               eye open

6e5s     6,3     HS-5638-0       100     100        A       ------               eye closed

Variation of shunt (english) control can regulate shadow angle by few percent.

Hickok 539B/C settings are:

6e5s    6,3      HS-5608-0       0,0       --           P4         G       -------      eye open

6e5s    6,3      HS-5638-0       0,0       --           P4         G       -------      eye closed

Bias and shunt variation have no affect and should be set to 0,0.


Regards Sinisa

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