* Basic HELP - and first login

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* Basic HELP - and first login 
29.Apr.08 11:43

Ernst Erb (CH)
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Ernst Erb

You can work with two browsers or systems - being logged in automatically.

This is the way (details see post 2):

1  Accept permanent cookies - at least for Radiomuseum.org.
Please test here!   Empty your CACHE in case of difficulties.

If you face the problem that one of the models is looking like for a guest (grey parts in the links or schematic does not open) then you can nearly bet that it is from your CACHE. Please empty your CACHE then and try again.

2  Choose two different names for your two identities.

3  Use the "auto login" if you are in a "private place". See also post 3.

4  If you have two systems running somewhere and they are logged in, you have to logout one of them (Two identities at the same time possible).

5 Our pages work with Java Script (has to be enabled).

HOWTO change your password to a secure password.

More about cookies and CACHE etc.


Help for helping yourself ...

I think that some small invest of time will bring you very much back. For many already computer and internet may cause problems finding the way. the main thing is: "Just try out" like children do. 

But for this big "Radio-City" it is also advisable to do the following steps because those are "your street maps" for the City.

Did you try the blue square info buttons already?
You find them on each page (and window) above right. Just click them. 

Click the links on a page and "wonder around".
An other way to get to know RMorg is to click all the underlined links and the TABs. You can also find underlined text (in blue) within an article. Did you try these too?

Did you click "Guidance-HELP" on the HP (Search Page)?
What sort of links to help text are you missing there?

Did you look up this FAQ-Board in the Forum (before)?
You might first use the link "FORUM-Language selections" when first entering the "Forum" and reduce the languages to your preferance - for instance English only. Please also read the link "Some examples of well done texts and help plus our forum rules" if you want to write someting.
You can either click "Forum" and then use the selection field "Folder/boards to read or write" for choosing the board - or scroll right down to the list of boards where you click "FAQ about the radio pages" (or in other cases "FAQ about the forum").

In the FAQ you find for instance how to process and upload good pictures to models:

To prepare and upload schematics is not an easy task - but well described here.
You even get a free good software for both tasks.

The most important fact for images is: JPEG (.JPG) you use for photos but never for technical data (writing or schematics). For technical data you use .PNG (select png-8) or .GIF and load them up on the model using the link "Add information to model or forum text" but then after clicking "Schematic" instead of "Picture (Photo)". But if you want to add data to a model you use the link "Suggest change".

Did you use the SEARCH?
Often you get results by using the SEARCH - but I know it is difficult to find the right terms for finding something.

Get help from others.
Perhaps you know an other member who's profile shows activity - or you write to admin-en - or write a forum question into the internal board "Talk".

These are the 6 possibilities to get information about handling the RMorg.

Your profile:
Please click your name on the HP (Search Page) and then scroll down and use the link "Edit profile" to fill in fill in the field (below) "Remarks" which will result in the description on your collector page.
You can write a long text - even longer as I did - if you wish. See here:

For the photo you find the link "Upload private pictures". Klick it first and read the text plus the info button.
Keep most of your personal data visible for members by klicking "No" under "Undisclosed". Really: Only logged in members can see, no guests or spiders etc.
For good answers in the forum your age and (former) profession/knowledge is essential since we have to consider big distinctions between young and "old", being a professional in electronics or not etc. At least the eMail-address has to be seen by colleagues or admins. It is also your duty to change your eMail-address before actually closing down an old one which you have entered in your profile.

We appreciate your activity within RMorg. It is built on this ;-)

Some interesting HowTo-Texts:
How to use the Forum Editor and how to integrate pictures (3.4.1)
How to proceed for writing articles in the Forum.

To thank the Author because you find the post helpful or well done.

Goog picture legends are essential 
04.Sep.08 10:01

Ernst Erb (CH)
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Ernst Erb

Write a picture legend which tells the users and the searching engines what it is and where it comes from.

This is very essential because we sometimes delete pictures without legend if there are better pictures showing up - not if they are from your own collection!
Witch the picture search on Google: site:www.radiomuseum.org
you find (at the moment) a list of 29'000 pictures. If you don't select pictures but the Web then you get a number of 197'000. You will also get nice results when using
site:www.radiomuseum.org atwater
But when somebody just asks for pictures with: Atwater
Then he/she will find some radios - but at least not from us in the first 300 pictures!
naturally: with "Atwater kent" you have a much better chance ;-)
But with the 28'400 picturs displayed by Google our first picture comes on place 289!
It has neither a picture legend nor a good pictur name - but is embedded in a nice (German) text with the name Atwater Kent (in the text below the picture). I hope Konrad can write the same article again in English. 

On pictures this is then in vain if a picture has not a "good address name" because nobody will find it and it is even better to place a good picture legend.

How to write a good picture name
There is a text about that when you upload. But here again:

Use maker/brand and model name (if it is a model picture).

Very essential is that you use UNDERLINE (_), not the Hyphen (-) because the Hyphen will be deleted by the system. This resulting in unreadable names like: dblaupunktverona2605front

How to write a good picture legend
By uploading you have a nice field where you can place good explaining text.

Again: Write first the Maker/Brand followed by the complete model name.

If it is not your picture:
You have to write where it comes from - otherwise it should not be accepted. Can be:
By courtesy of ....  if you have been given the right.
eBay seller abc (not only the number - but should be added)
SAMS Photofact reference picture May 1963, set ??, folder ??
Hamilton-Carr Catalog 1928, page ??

"Reference picture" you use then if you have taken the picture from an add of the Maker/Brand giving the exact source - which we see as primary source - or from a good schematic collection if it is copyright free. This enables us to detect wrong other pictures etc.

I show here thata full magazine page can be uploaded in a manner that one can read the text - if treated the right way for small KB-size. This one has only 2 gray scales, black and white and is well under 300 KB as .PNG.

An other sample is Atwater Kent, the new models for 1932 like model 260 (260F) where the text definitely has to get into an other place.
I did not write the notes because Konrad Birkner wants to do that for these sets with the new "Tonebeam" they introduced as means for easy tuning a station.

To thank the Author because you find the post helpful or well done.