Crosley radio season 1939/40, 1940/41 and 1941/42

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Crosley radio season 1939/40, 1940/41 and 1941/42 
20.Dec.12 09:46

Ernst Erb (CH)
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Ernst Erb

We store here the information we get for Crosley radio season 1939/40 = Crosley models 1940.
The next post is for Crosley radio season 1940/41 and the following for Crosley radio season 1941/42, the last one before the WW2.
All models concerned will link back to this thread so that we can give further (sometimes common) information about those radio seasons.


Crosley radio Season 1939/40 = Crosley models 1940

I could buy two slightly different folders for the season 1939/40, one with number 2451B without date but with almost the same models as shows the one just received: having the date (but no number) with a simple price list added by a wholesaler.

Problem: 648 or 649 ?
Unfortunately in one we see model 648A for a certain cabinet and description and in the other the same is called 649A. The same happens for 648D and 649D. Only by reading the text most carefully, one sees that there is a total line of same models with different colors, A-C and E, F, D as a DeLuxe model with wood. The only difference between later 649 models is that they have the built in loop antenna included and not "also available at extra cost in any cabinet". The chassis a such is the same.

Folder 1939/40 without number - to compare with folder below.


This is from folder No2451B (no date)


Crosley Dealer Price list #11 from October 1, 1939
The folder with title: "In Minnesota and Western Wisconsin this 1939-1940 Radio Season" (but not having a number) contained a two paged "Large Dealer Price List" which shows us the consumer price and the wholesale price for the dealers. The cheapest model, 599A with 5 tubes is $ 7.99, dealer price $ 5.99 with a reduced margin. The most expensive Console with Phono combination, the model 639M with 6 tubes (also only broadcast band!) costs here $ 114.50 with dealer price $ 68.70.


The price list does not mirror the complete range and it is made by "Motor Power Equipment Co.", St. Paul, Minnesota. A wholesaler has a margin. Therefore Crosley received even less money for its sets.


This will be completed .... work in progress ...


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