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EQ80 dedicated web page

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Pieter Hooijmans
Pieter Hooijmans
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22.Feb.17 21:34
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This will be my first activity on this web community and forum. So let me kick off with the topic that triggered me to become a member: the EQ40/EQ80 tube and its applications.

Because I only recently found out that my late father, while working for Philips in Eindhoven 1947-1950, was involved in the development of both the EQ40 (the predesessor of the EQ80) as well as the first applications of that tube (FM detection for radio and television), I've collected all information I could find and made a dedicated web page on the EQ40/80.

I will in next steps upload some of the articles that have been the basis of my story.

But before closing I would like to thank all contributors to, because the pile of information that has been collected here has greatly helped me to provide a much broader application perspective. Thank you all!

As already mentioned on my web site, I don't have the illusion my story is complete nor 100% correct. So all comments, feedback and additions are welcome.

Kind regards, Pieter


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