Glass dial scale restoration/Ruckwand copies??

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Alexander Gerli
Alexander Gerli
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01.Feb.11 20:32

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Greetings!  I have a glass dial scale which is intact, but the screen-printed image is beginning to wear off in several places.

Is there an archive of the designs for these, based upon brand and model names? And, is there anyone on the who does restoration of these dials?

My radio is a SBR (Belgium) 821A, ca. 1949-1950.

Also, my radio has no ruckwand (rear-wall). Is there anyone on the forum who makes copies?

Thanks, Friends!

Sandy Gerli, AC1Y

Dietmar Rudolph
Dietmar Rudolph
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02.Feb.11 11:16

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Dear Sandy,

please check "I Skalenglas" and "II Skalenglas" for European makers and additionally on the model page SBR 821A. Model 1, model 2, model 3

Starting a question from the model page is recommended too.

Good luck,


Bob Isaac
Bob Isaac
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04.Feb.11 12:46

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Hello Sandy,

 If you cannot find a solution/replacement for your dial scale,  you might consider reproducing it yourself.  If you are interested in more deatiled information, 'google' decal pro fx.  You can also send me a note and I will be happy to point you in the right direction.

As for the back, if you cannot find a replacement (such as hunting on Belgium, German, Netherlands EBay, etc) you can have a reproduction made by Retro-tronics.  You'll need the exact dimensions and a good photo (I think they actually prefer a tracing of the original, but that might not be possible in your case).  The only problem is that it won't have the graphics/text on it.  If you are creative, you can use the same decal system mentioned above, to recreate the graphics.

Anyhow, if you want more info on any of this, just send me a note.

Kind Regards,


Alexander Gerli
Alexander Gerli
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04.Feb.11 13:54

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Hello, Dietmar,

Thank you for the links on RMorg. I shall have a closer look there.


Sandy AC1Y