graetz: 817; Musica

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Dieser Artikel betrifft das Modell: Musica 817 (Graetz, Altena (Westfalen))

graetz: 817; Musica 
27.Aug.03 12:19

Mario Coelho (P)
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Mario Coelho


I would like to aid this information to the model:

All those three speakers are dynamic. This radio has stereo facility and has also two options more (two push buttons else) "R-Klg."  and "MA". The fist gives a wide space sound. The other cuts the magic eye facility and nothing more happens I can notice..


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27.Aug.03 16:11

Hans Kamann (D)
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Hans Kamann

Dear Mario,

apparently you were able to finish repair. Congratulations ! The Button "R-Klg." stands for "Raumklang" and enables exactly what you described. The other, "MA" stands for "Magisches Auge" and simply switches off the Magic Eye. I´ve seen other radios with the same feature, my guess is the manufacturers knew about the limited life time of the magic eye valves.

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27.Aug.03 19:53

Ernst Erb (CH)
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Ernst Erb

Dear Mario and Hans Kamann
This article is perfectly right placed - written from the model page.
Since it is in the English language there would be necessary to first choose the language. It the nwould get the US-British flag, which would be correct.

We actually would like that there are more languages used and that somebody starts the English part all right.

Therefore: Is it possible that you copy your text and post it again the same way - but with the language selection? After having done this I woul like a post here that I can delete this one ... Maybe that does Hans Karmann because then it is clear that both parts have been mooved. Thanks for your help to get the English start all right.

I will now select the e-mail information about a new post - and will be informed automatically - as can do everybody when interested in an article.

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