Grundig Majestic no sound

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Donnie Taylor
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20.Dec.21 18:07

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Hey y'all. I've been around here for a while, but haven't posted in a looooooooong time, (if ever).

But I have a question about my Grundig 7035/USA. 

We've had it for several years with minimal issues. I used it this season to play some Christmas records, but when the wife went to fire it up this morning, there is no sound from the speakers. 

It's all lit up, but no sound. 
So here's the question. After messing with it a few minutes, my wife said she didn't have to turn it on. So I'm thinking the last time she used it, she left it on.

My first thought was blown tube. I don’t know anything about tubes, (I'm a drummer lol). 
So any quick thoughts?

I hope this is enough info. If not, I will try to fill in the gaps as best I can.

Thanks everyone. 

Donnie Taylor
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20.Dec.21 19:24

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When I was messing with it and looking around, I kept the volume down so as not to have it start up blaring. 
I just fired it up and I do have some scratchy sound when turned all the way up. 
Again, I am not versed I tube amps.

Thanks again. 

Marc Gianella
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28.Dec.21 10:53
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No answers so far and your thread disappears. Why is that? You had one big Question and gave almost no information.

First of all you should specify the precise model according to the type plate of your set. Up to now I see two possibilities in RM database
- Majestic 7035WE
- Majestic 7035W/3D
Is it one of these or another one, perhaps a 7035 without any suffixes?

Your inquiry and the lack of information raises some questions
- What were the «minimal issues»?
- Did you do anything in the past?
- What about the radio functions, no sound as well?
- What is your knowledge and equipment? What are you willing to do?


Donnie Taylor
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07.Jan.22 17:50
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Sorry for the long delay, I was having log in issues.
Thanks for the reply  

Let me see if I can clear up some of the questions. 

-What were the «minimal issues»?

When I bought it, fuse was blown. Also automatic start for the turntable does not operate properly. Neither of which pertain to the question at hand, so I omitted it as not to clutter the post with irrelevant information.

-Did you do anything in the past?

Replaced fuse

-What about the radio functions, no sound as well?

No sound, as in not at all. 

- What is your knowledge and equipment?

As stated, knowledge is minimal at best. 
-What are you willing to do?

I'm confused about this question. The answer is either, I am willing to listen to advise and hopefully answers.
If the question pertains to what I am willing to do as far as hands on work to the unit. Then I can't answer that as I don't know what would be involved and if I am comfortable doing said repairs. I am very mechanically inclined, but I know my limitations.

As far as the model, the only info I could find is on the sticker on the back of the unit, after reading the info in the links you provided, it appears to be 7035/W3D, as it has FM.

I was asking about tubes. As I said, I have no tube experience. 
The question was, can leaving it in for an extended period of time cause a tube issue like a blow tube, thus leading to my no sound issue. 
I know this may sound like an elementary question to some, but again, I have zero tube or radio repair knowledge. But we all have to start somewhere with any skill we learn in life. 

I hope this helps. And thanks again. 

Marc Gianella
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08.Jan.22 23:04
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Sorry for the confusing question. I anticipated it could lead to a bigger project. The radio is not really complex but it may have severe issues from undue operation.

Are you aware of the high tensions and are you able to cope with for taking measures?
Do you own a Multimeter and know how to use it?
What about soldering?
If you don’t agree to the questions above, it may be better looking for a experienced person to help you.

Can you take pictures from underneath, in particular the area around the EL84 tube?

Usually fuses don’t blow for no reason. Did you use the proper replacement (600mA slow blow)?

Had you once the smell of rotten eggs (and didn't know where it came from)? ;-)

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Donnie Taylor
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08.Jan.22 23:25
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Good afternoon. 
So I am perfectly fine with all the things you asked, (multimeter and the use of, soldering), but I do not know what high tensions are. 
As for the fuse, it was blown when I got it. It was replaced with the proper fuse when I brought it home about five years ago, and has never been an issue since, as well as no strange smells either.

It gets used fairly often. More so around Christmas than through the year, but it has always fired up and worked.  
I have done some research on how to test a tube with a multimeter, but I wanted to see if someone would say definitively, "oh yeah. If you left it on it blew a tube", before I started down that road.
Mainly because, if I'm being honest, I don't really know how to take them out. If the just pull straight out, twist, or also, is there any rule of thumb as far as touching the glass part with a bare finger. Like a headlight bulb. It's said not to get finger oils in a headlight bulb. 

Thanks again. 
Looking forward to soaking up some knowledge. 

Marc Gianella
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08.Jan.22 23:51
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Don't worry about the tubes. We'll see if one needs to be replaced. First of all some capacitors and the selenium rectifier need to be checked.
To check this out a picture of underneath is needed. Otherwise you must read the schematic;-)

Tensions = high voltage inside, up to around 300 Volts. Be careful while working on the working set and a while after until caps have discharged.

Good night!