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grundig: Grundig Satellit 650 S-Meter Problem

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Fred Eddie-Quartey
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08.May.18 20:46

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Hello All,

I have just acquired a Grundig Satellit 650 International and all functions seem to work very well, with the exception of the s-meter.  The s-meter does not seem to register any signal on any wave band, regardless of the strength of the in-coming stations.  I have tested with both the internal antenna and an external one but there is barely any movement from the needle. 

I did notice that when I am listening to any of the AM wavebands, and I have MGC switched on full, the s-meter deflets all the way to 10.  If I tune across the band, the meter moves back and forth between 0 and 10 as noise or weak/strong stations is received.  On FM it barely moves beyond 0, if at all.

Any clues as to what is wrong?

I appreaciate your advice/assistance.



Fred Eddie-Quartey
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14.May.18 00:33

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After a little research, I was able to find a service manual and found the trimmer pots for adjusting the s-meter on AM and FM.  Now the meter works as it should!  Almost.  I noticed that sometimes, if I change wave bands, the meter stops working.  Other times, it works fine.  Still puzzled as to what is going on.



Steve Rowley
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28.Sep.20 12:30

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Mine was like that. It was a faulty meter. I had to find another.