hollywood: Radio Kit

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hollywood: Radio Kit 
22.Mar.09 20:25

Joe Sousa (USA)
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Joe Sousa

Experiment lesson 10L shows how to build the HRTI radio Kit, but is in a format that is not suitable to post in the schematic or photo sections of


This unsuitability is because it has an unacceptable mixture of schematic, photos and text.

The complete lesson is in Portuguese and is available in the RM server here.

Alternativelly, you may also obtain this lesson on my personal web page at:


I also organized a few samples of the HRTI course literature here.

Alternativelly, you may also obtain this HRTI course literature on my personal web page at:


These samples include course forms and covers of the HRTI newsletter in Portuguese and Spanish.

A discussion of this HRTI course is in the forum.

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