lmt: 1840 - Variants

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lmt: 1840 - Variants 
08.Oct.09 00:29

Joe Sousa (USA)
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Joe Sousa

Fellow Radiophiles,

I found three bakelite radios on ebay with the same case as Lusito BM20T by Standard Eléctrica Portuguesa, but made by Kolster Brandes, which is American with a UK branch, and L.M.T. which is French.

Ebay seller Steven Turner ebay store catalinradio.com, with a web  page of the same name www.catalinradio.com consented to the use of his photos at RM.

The auction numbers are as follows:

(380146318162, 380146357542, 380146359526) Copy and paste these numbers with parenthesis and commas into the ebay search box to get all three auctions.

 Auction 380146318162 shows a white Kolster-Brandes BM20:

The RM database shows this tube lineup  6A8GT 6B8GT 6V6GT 6X5GT and LW MW bands.


Auction 380146357542 shows a grey speckled Kolster-Brandes BM20:


Auction 380146359526 shows a brown speckled L.M.T. 1840:

The RM database shows this tube lineup  6E8MG 6M7MG 6H8 25L6GT and LW, MW, SW bands.


Note that Lusito has this tube lineup 7S7 6B8 6V6GT 6X5GT and LW, SW1, SW2 bands.

It appears that this bakelite case travelled widely, always with a different tube lineup and a different band complement...

Does anyone know of any more variants?



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another LMT 
30.Jul.14 19:14
1817 from 6442

Mark Hippenstiel (D)
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Mark Hippenstiel


I have recently updated our database with model 18403, which is the same receiver as 1840, but has a cabinet with brown suede coating (textual information only, no images).


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