mil-gb: Wireless Set No.19 Mk III (Italia)

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mil-gb: Wireless Set No.19 Mk III (Italia) 
13.Sep.08 19:38

Martin Bösch (CH)
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Martin Bösch

The original Wireless Set No. 19 from WWII has been produced under contract in Canada.

Some of this Canadian W.S.19 have been in use by the Italian Army, they have been refurbished by Italian Radio companies and an aluminium front panel with Italian language lettering has been added.

L. Meulstee refers to an set refurbished by ALADINA RADIO in Torino, mine was refurbished by DITTA F.I.E., Bolzano, see images of the set and typeplate on the model page.

Another W.S. 19 refurbished in Italy by Gelose in 1958 can be found here.

Martin Boesch

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