nordmende: 7/601C; Globe Traveler (Globetrotter)

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Michael Witas
Michael Witas
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10.Feb.13 22:47

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I Have a globetraveler 7/601, which I recently purchased.

It is missing the two flat head screws that secure the battery cover at the bottom of the radio.

The screws go through holes in the plastic cabinet and into threaded holes in the metal radio chassis.

Can anyone tell me the thread size?

Can anyone tell me where I can get some replacement screws? Would Burklin  or some other European vendor have them?

I could just find some screws at a hardware store that are close, but do not want to destroy the threads in the radio chassis. The radio is otherwise in almost perfect condition.

Thanks and best regards,

Mike Witas

Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

David Erali
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05.Nov.20 16:50

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Screws are 0.5 mm thread.