"Radios von gestern" - special opportunity

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"Radios von gestern" - special opportunity 
22.Oct.09 08:42

Thomas Albrecht (USA)
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Thomas Albrecht

Dear English-speaking radio enthusiasts:
As many of you may know, Ernst Erb, the founder of Radiomuseum.org, is also a well-known author in the German-speaking world on the subject of antique radios.  One of his books, Radios von gestern ("Radios of yesterday") is sometimes referred to as the "Bible" of antique radios.  With a bit of humor, Ernst says he is not sure whether it is referred to as a "Bible" simply because it is big and heavy (456 pages), or because of the contents.
Although this book is only available in German, some of you may also have some German reading ability, and may find this book of interest.  Here are links to some excerpts from this book:
www.radiomuseum.org/forum/erfindungen_und_entwicklungen_bis_zu_roehren_und_radio.html (a section on the early development of tubes and radio)
Radios von gestern has sold out three printings, even though the price (75 Euros) was quite high when it was available, and the book continues to sell well as a used book on Amazon.
Ernst has organized a fourth printing through the German publisher Funk Verlag Bernhard Hein (a publisher specializing in radio-related books).  This time, in order to make the book more affordable to radio enthusiasts, Ernst has donated the copyright and paid the up-front publishing costs himself, and will not be making any profits from sales.  This will allow the book to sell for 40 Euros in the near future.
Prior to its release, Ernst is able to offer a special discounted price of 36 Euros plus shipping.  For those in the U.S. who would like a copy, the total price in U.S. dollars, including shipping (by the least expensive and slow method) is $75, which can be paid by PayPal.  Arrangements can be made for other countries as well, but the price may be different.
If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please send an email to Ernst, with "Radios von gestern" as the subject line.  You can find his email address by clicking on "mail to the author" at the bottom of any of his Forum posts, or by viewing the information under his name in the list of members.  Also, be sure to include your mailing address, exactly as you would write it on a letter or parcel. 
If anyone who is not a member of Radiomuseum would like to order a copy, he can contact Ernst through the contact form at this link:  www.radiomuseum.org/dsp_mailformular.cfm
This offer is available only through the end of October.  Starting in November, the book can only be purchased through the publisher.
Your book will be mailed from the publisher in Germany in November.
Best regards,

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