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saba: 125 Stereo; Meersburg Automatic: Operation

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Michael Watterson
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23.Feb.12 23:23

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I'm unused to such a "deluxe" German set, so my first confusion was why it didn't come on when I pressed a Piano Key. I felt a bit stupid when I discovered the AUS isn't just Off, but also EIN, On as well. Achieved by a pull switch.

It also took me a little while to realise that unlike the Piano Key sets I'm used to the Mono/Stereo and Music/Speech switches only need a light touch to latch, that with a customary hard press they pop up again.

The two (or four?) thin rocker buttons at the front obviously initiate search up and down the band and if held at extreme left or right drive the dial faster.

The Ferrite rod rotation knob and associated switch seem obvious as does Volume, Tuning, Search/AFC on-off switch and the variable bass and treble controls. Balance control on the rear.

The pair of Class A outputs (Stereo) converting to Class AB (changed Cathode Bias) in Mono Mode is cute.

Is there an Englishoperation manual or is there a German one?

Is the 6.75MHz FM IF unusual? 

Was this model ever intended to have an "add on" Stereo Multiplex Decoder? Obviously not hard to add.

I see this model is listed in a table on the Saba Multiplex Adapator page, using Google to translate:

... Older equipment and the corresponding domestic appliances Freiburg / Meersburg / Freudenstadt 11, the seven-pin connector yet. However, they can also be converted. I myself own a full automatic Freiburg 125 Stereo, in a multiplex adapter was installed 12th ...

So I guess this model wasn't "plug and play" but can be adapted, though wasn't intended.

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Michael Watterson
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15.Jul.12 12:26

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Konrad Birkner has spoken with me:

  • The 6.75MHz was uncommon and may have been part of the cost reduction efforts for this model.
  • The B7G socket is just for "Test", mainly on alignment of the Automatic Search. Never an intention to have a Stereo decoder as an official option. "Stereo" is only refering to external input.
  • The inner two buttons are search up/down (momentary press) and the outer two buttons are just "seek" while holding down. Other models had this on rear panel connection for a wired remote.


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