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Shortwave Receivers - Past & Present (4th ed.)

Communications Receivers 1942-2013
English | Model catalog newer book (copyright)
Author Editor
Osterman, Fred N8EKU
Publisher ISBN
Universal Radio Research, United States of America (USA)
Reynoldsburg, OH
Date of issue / Date of first publication Periodicity
2014 / 1987
4. Edition
Format Pages
Letter US 800
Print Type Type
Model catalog newer book (copyright)
Short Description
Mr. Osterman is the owner of Universal Radio in Ohio, USA. Universal Radio is a leading retailer of amateur and shortwave listening gear, and has been in business since the late 1950s. They deal in both new and used gear.
Shortwave Receivers started out in 1991 with photocopied pages and a stapled binding.
By the 3rd edition (1998), it had expanded and was published as a paperback with full color photographs. In 2014, the 4th edition was released as an 800 page hardback. This new edition covers over 1700 communications receivers with over 1800 photographs.  The receivers covered are from 1942 to 2013, and both solid state and vacuum tube equipment are listed. The over 370 manufacturers are listed alphabetically, and include not only US makers, but makers from 40 other countries. 
Along with a photograph, individual receiver listings cover dates manufactured, features (like controls, hook-ups, cabinetry, etc), circuitry, accessories list, variants, comments. Also listed is collector information, like rarity and new/used prices.
A great benefit of Shortwave Receivers is that it covers more than just the common manufacturers, like National, Hammarlund, ICOM, Collins, but less common makers and models are listed.  Not just consumer products, but military and commercial receivers are also listed. Shortwave Receivers is a comprehensive work that more than adequately covers a broad spectrum of communications receivers of the world from the past and present.
Created by: Franz Harder (11.Dez.16) available by: Wayne Childress
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