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Zhongshan China Radio Museum

528403 Zhongshan City - 中山市, People's Republic of China (Guangdong)

Address 197 Sun Road - Shiqi District
Floor area 330 m² / 3 552 ft²  
Museum typ Exhibition
Radios (Broadcast receivers)
  • Record players with pick up
  • Amateur Radio / Military & Industry Radio

Opening times
Daily 9am - 5pm - (16:30 stop approach)
全年开放:每天9:00~17:00 - 16:30 停止进场

Status from 12/2014
Free entry.

Tel.:+86-760-88 873 686  Fax:+86-760-88 829 109  


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Location / Directions
N22.520248° E113.374954°N22°31.21488' E113°22.49724'N22°31'12.8928" E113°22'29.8344"

Bus 1 Road, 002 Road, 005 Road, 10 Road, 050 Road to the Zhongshan Memorial Hall Station can be reached.

Exhibition Address:
Sun Zhongshan Road, No. 197,
Zhongshan City Museum Deputy House
Hall: Zhongshan, China Radio Museum Hall

Location / Directions





Some example model pages for sets you can see there:

PRC: Unknown - CUSTOM 7512 (1950??)
PRC: Nanjing 南京无线电厂 Panda 熊猫 1501 (1960??)
PRC: Beijing 北京无线电器材厂 Peony 牡丹 624E (1960??)
PRC: Beijing 北京无线电器材厂 Peony 牡丹 911 (1960??)
PRC: Shanghai No.3 ߍ Red Lantern 红灯笼 711-2 (1972)
PRC: Tonghua 通 Xiangyang 向阳 734 (1972??)
PRC: Shanghai 上 Shanghai 上海 144 (1973-82??)
PRC: Shanghai 101 上 Haiyan 海燕 D322 (1979/80)


Zhongshan City Museum was established in September 28, 1984, under the Zhongshan Culture, Radio, Press and Publication Bureau, Zhongshan City, a local comprehensive museum. Locations for the 1934 built Kenlap Zhongshan public hospital, is a Chinese and Western architecture courtyard with 3 main buildings, the building area of 2,000 square meters.

Zhongshan City Museum now has:
Zhongshan Museum of Art,
Museum of Xiangshan business culture,
Zhongshan • China Radio Museum,
Zhongshan cartoon museum
and other four branches.

Zhongshan Radio Museum

is the first radio-oriented museum in China, is open to the public since May, 18th, 2005. The two-storey building includes an exhibition area of over 330 square meters and hosts as many as 2000 radios, 230 of which are on exhibition.
The exhibits range from the first radio made in China in the early 1900s to the radios produced in 1980s.

The exhibition displays the history of radio-manufacturing in China, offering a glimpse of China’s social, political and economic development. It also reflects the developing process of China’s emerging cultural transmission industry which is based on the radio industry.

The whole exhibition includes four parts:
Melody in the Air,
Radio Industry in Trouble,
Evolving with the Social Development,
and Where is the Radio Industry Heading for in the 21st Century.
There are fantastic replicas of scenes, representing the significant phases in the history of radio:
the first privately-owned broadcasting station in the 1930s which was known as Glass Broadcasting Station,
originally set on the top floor of Xinxin Department Store in Shanghai,
the apartment of a rich businessman in the 1930s,
the study of Chairman Mao,
and the village life of the 1960s and 1970s.


中山·中国收音机博物馆(China Radio Museum of ZhongShan)是全国首家以收音机为专题的特色博物馆,隶属于中山市博物馆,是其分馆之一。





中山·中国收音机博物馆大部分藏品均由中山市民邱健球先生无偿捐赠。开馆以来也得到各界人士支持,捐赠收音机予该馆收藏。目前已收藏各时期各类收音机近2000台,其中具代表性的收音机有熊猫牌1501、牡丹911、红灯711-2等。 presents here one of the many museum pages. We try to bring data for your direct information about all that is relevant. In the list (link above right) you find the complete listing of museums related to "Radio & Co." we have information of. Please help us to be complete and up to date by using the contact form above.



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