Flewelling Short-Wave Adapter type UX

A-C Dayton Co., A-C Electrical; Dayton (OH)

  • Anno
  • 1928
  • Categoria
  • Adattatore (per OC/FM/VHF/UHF inclusi moduli incorporati), convertitore di frequenza
  • Radiomuseum.org ID
  • 100273
    • alternative name: AC Dayton

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 Specifiche tecniche

  • Numero di tubi
  • 1
  • Principio generale
  • Convertitore / Adattatore
  • Gamme d'onda
  • Onde corte (solamente OC)
  • Tensioni di funzionamento
  • Fornita mediante altra unità o unità principale.
  • Altoparlante
  • - - Nessuna uscita audio.
  • Materiali
  • Mobile in legno, valvole visibili.
  • Radiomuseum.org
  • Modello: Flewelling Short-Wave Adapter type UX - A-C Dayton Co., A-C Electrical
  • Forma
  • Soprammobile con qualsiasi forma (non saputo).
  • Dimensioni (LxAxP)
  • 5.75 x 4 x 7.25 inch / 146 x 102 x 184 mm
  • Annotazioni
  • The Flewelling Short-Wave Adapter has plug in coils for 3 bands. Price later reduced to 15 US$. This model is quite similar to the probably later Shortwave Adapter, Perfect UX Socket from Air-King Products.

    On TRF receivers.
    First adjust radio set to a wavelength of between 450 and 500 meters
    where no local station is received. Now the receiver is ready to use with adapter.
    Remove 1st RF tube and insert cable plug of adapter in this socket
    and then place the tube in the adapter socket.
    Remove aerial wire from radio binding post and connect to "ant" binding post on adapter.
    Leave ground connected to set proper. Now the adopter is ready for tuning.

    Regenerative receivers.
    Good results will be obtained on this type of set with the adapter plugged into the Det. socket, provided the B voltage to Det. is60 or 70 volts. No adjustments needed on the set itself. Just turn set on and put aerial on adapter.
    This same method can be used on TRF sets if poor results are obtained in 1st RF socket. In this case plug adapter into Det. socket.

    Superheterodyne receivers.
    When using a Superheterodyne with this adapter, the cable plug goes into the 1st Det. (mixer) and this tube goes into the adapter socket. The oscillator tube must be taken out to prevent interference with short wave reception. All tuning is done on adapter. The set acts as the IF amplifier with (2nd) Det. and AF.

    The adapter is very easily tuned if the vernier dial is moves slowly and smoothly, as low wave stations are very sharp. The small knob is the auxiliary control (reaction). If the Det. is replaced, then the reaction should be just below the point of sqweaking. If the set is working as an IF amp (TRF and super) then the adapter must oscillate to allow the short wave being transponded down to the Intermediate Frequency (between 450 and ca. 3000 meters, depending on the set).

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