• Year
  • 1952–1964
  • Category
  • Commercial Transmitter (TX not Transceiver)
  • Radiomuseum.org ID
  • 207003

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 Technical Specifications

  • Number of Tubes
  • 20
  • Number of Transistors
  • Semiconductors present.
  • Semiconductors
  • Main principle
  • Transmitter
  • Wave bands
  • Wave Bands given in the notes.
  • Power type and voltage
  • Storage Battery for all (e.g. for car radios and amateur radios) / 28.5 Volt
  • Loudspeaker
  • - - No sound reproduction output.
  • Material
  • Metal case
  • from Radiomuseum.org
  • Model: T-195/GRC-19 - Collins Radio Company; Cedar
  • Shape
  • Boatanchor (heavy military or commercial set >20 kg).
  • Dimensions (WHD)
  • 560 x 290 x 360 mm / 22 x 11.4 x 14.2 inch
  • Notes
  • Collins T-195/GRC-19 radio transmitter. Also made by other manufacturers.
    Three variants: T-195/GRC-19, T-195A/GRC-19, T-195B/GRC-19.
    Coverage 1.5 to 20 MHz in 10 bands, CW/AM and FSK with a matching converter (MD-203/GR).
    Power out (max): 100 W CW, 60 W AM.
    Power in: 250 A startup (less for the A/B variants), 44 A operation, 9 A standby at 28.5 vdc.
    Frequency readout provided by 4 mechanical counters (4 digits each). 7 preset memory. Auto-tune system. 50 ohm or whip antenna connections. All connections on the front panel.
    Used as a part of AN/GRC-19 vehicular system, matching receiver R-392/URR.
  • Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg)
  • 122 lb (122 lb 0 oz) / 55.388 kg
  • Source of data
  • - - Manufacturers Literature

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Radio transmitters

T-195/GRC-19, T-195A/GRC-19, T-195B/GRC-19

Tube layout









V101 1st multiplier 6AU6WA 6AU6WA Exciter subchassis
V102 2d multiplier 6AK6 6AK6
V103 3d multiplier 6AK6 6AK6
V104 Driver 5763 5763
V201 Power ampl 4X150D 4X150D/7609



V202 Clamper 5763 5763
V203 3d servo ampl 6005/6AQ5W 6005/6AQ5W/6098
V204A 1d servo ampl 5751 5751
V204B 2d servo ampl
V401A Preamplifier 12AT7 12AT7WA/6201



V401B 1st audio ampl
V402 Limiter 5726/6AL5W  
V403A Sidetone ampl 12AT7 12AT7WA/6201
V403B Antenna delay
V404A 2d audio ampl 5814A 5814A
V404B Phase inverter
V406 Modulator 4X150D 4X150D/7609 Main frame
V407 Modulator 4X150D 4X150D/7609
V601 Voltage regulator 0A2 0A2WA  
V801 Oscillator 5749/6BA6W 5749/6BA6W M.O. subchassis
V802 Buffer ampl 5749/6BA6W 5749/6BA6W
V901A 1st phasing ampl 5751 5751


and servo-ampl


V901B 2d phasing ampl
V902 3d phasing ampl 6005/6AQ5W 6005/6AQ5W/6098
V903A 1st loading ampl 5751 5751
V903B 2d loading ampl
V904 3d loading ampl 6005/6AQ5W 6005/6AQ5W/6098

Source: TM 11-5820-295-20, TM 11-5820-295-35

Konstantinos Christoforou, 22.Nov.11

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