• Year
  • 1959 ?
  • Category
  • Sound/Video Recorder and/or Player
  • Radiomuseum.org ID
  • 139133

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 Technical Specifications

  • Wave bands
  • - without
  • Details
  • Changer (Record changer)
  • Power type and voltage
  • Alternating Current supply (AC) / 117; 220; 240 Volt
  • Loudspeaker
  • - For headphones or amp.
  • Material
  • Metal case
  • from Radiomuseum.org
  • Model: Record Changer 210 RC 210 - Garrard Eng. & Mfg. Co. Ltd.;
  • Shape
  • Chassis only or for «building in»
  • Dimensions (WHD)
  • 13.25 x 11.375 x 4.875 inch / 337 x 289 x 124 mm
  • Notes
  • Four speed record player and changer (16, 33, 45, 78 rpm). Automatic or Manual operation. It will play automatically any number of records up to 8, either  7", 10" or 12" of the same speed can be mixed, no setting for record size is required. 7" records with a large centre hole may be played using large optional spindle type LRS4/W or by clip-in centre hole adaptors. The changer may be stopped and started without rejecting the record being played and records can be played as on a single record player. The pulley is colour finished, nickel for 50Hz and brass for 60Hz power supply.

    Similar to the Garrard 209 model which has the pick-up head integral with the arm, this model has a plug-in headshell.

  • Literature/Schematics (2)
  • - - Manufacturers Literature (Garrard service sheet 200)
  • Author
  • Model page created by Peter Hoddow. See "Data change" for further contributors.

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Hi, I am trying to restore a Garrard 210 which was in a Murphy Console.

I have managed to get it back in order manually but the auto function does not work.

Any advice on how to go about it?

Thanks in advance.


Devendra Singh Dhariwal, 03.Jan.13

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