75 Meter Converter

75 Meter Converter ; Gonset Inc., (ID = 211633) Amateur-D
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75 Meter Converter ; Gonset Inc., (ID = 211633) Amateur-D
Gonset Inc.,: 75 Meter Converter [Amateur-D] ID = 211633 171x137
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For model 75 Meter Converter, Gonset Inc., Waterproof Elect. Co.; Burbank (CA)
Paese:  USA (Stati Uniti d'America)
Produttore / Marca:  Gonset Inc., Waterproof Elect. Co.; Burbank (CA)
Anno: 1951 Categoria: Altro apparecchio amatoriale (ma non tasto Morse) 
Valvole 3: 6AK5 6AK5 6C4 0B2
Gamme d'onda Gamme d'onda nelle note.
Altoparlante - - Nessuna uscita audio.
Potenza d'uscita Modello: 75 Meter Converter - Gonset Inc., Waterproof Elect.
Materiali Mobile di metallo
Forma Tascabile (portatile molto piccola), < 20 cm
Dimensioni (LxAxP) 5.25 x 3.5 x 5.25 inch / 133 x 89 x 133 mm
Annotazioni Covers 3750 to 4000 kc.
Prezzo nel primo anno 45.00 $
Letteratura / Schemi (1) 1951 Newark catalog Nº 51

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Elenco delle radio e altri apparecchi della Gonset Inc., Waterproof Elect. Co.; Burbank (CA)
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Gonset Inc.,: 75 Meter Converter
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gonset: 75 Meter Converter - some additional information
Ernst Erb
  1 I received a very informing text from a guest and think we should add such good texts to the model:

I happened to stumble across this listing on YOUR page - I have one!

It has an output frequency of 1430 kHz, operates with 6vac for the filaments, and anywhere from 85 to 150vdc for the B+ voltage. It is one of the VERY FIRST converters made by Gonset, as the metal band, crimped about the shielded power cable said "GONSETT", which is the CORRECT spelling of Faust Gonsett's name... he only shortened it to GONSET (One "T") for marketing purposes, later on.

It preceded the Super Six, Super 12, and other converters, which allowed you to utilize your existing automobile radio as the I-F strip, detector, and AF output, without having to buy a complete receiver (which would not fit very well in a car, in those days). One obtained the necessary voltages from INSIDE the auto radio, which was ALSO a valved-type. These small converters also came in General Coverage SW versions, CAP (Civil Air Patrol - outside the ham bands somewhat), and low band VHF (10m & 6m).
Best 73
Tom Dailey - WØEAJ

Tom mentioned also "Quite often the Gonset Commander transmitter accompanied it." In the 1953 ARRL Handbook "Commander II" was priced at $ 124.50. It was also designed by Faust Gonsett.

Thank you very much, Tom.
If you can give me more data for the Commander or Commander II including photos I would like to introduce it here too. Maybe you can also send me pictures from your Converter and Commander? Or even better join us and upload your gear? In this case I would like that you are accepted under  option 1 (for free) since we are prety sure that you will contribute to the group (RMorg it is not MY page - we are 5000 members ;-) - trying to get a real helpful catalogue up within time ...
Gonset Inc.,: 75 Meter Converter
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