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Transistor 1005 Automatic

Transistor 1005 Automatic; Grundig Radio- (ID = 843762) Radio
Transistor 1005 Automatic; Grundig Radio- (ID = 843763) Radio
Transistor 1005 Automatic; Grundig Radio- (ID = 843764) Radio
Transistor 1005 Automatic; Grundig Radio- (ID = 843765) Radio
Transistor 1005 Automatic; Grundig Radio- (ID = 843766) Radio
Transistor 1005 Automatic; Grundig Radio- (ID = 1935544) Radio Transistor 1005 Automatic; Grundig Radio- (ID = 103210) Radio
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Transistor 1005 Automatic; Grundig Radio- (ID = 1935544) Radio
Grundig Radio-: Transistor 1005 Automatic [Radio] ID = 1935544 607x543
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For model Transistor 1005 Automatic, Grundig (Radio-Vertrieb, RVF, Radiowerke):
Bild von Wolfgang Bauer.
Country:  Germany
Manufacturer / Brand:  Grundig (Radio-Vertrieb, RVF, Radiowerke)
alternative name
Grundig Portugal || Grundig USA / Lextronix
Year: 1970–1972 Category: Broadcast Receiver - or past WW2 Tuner
Semiconductors (the count is only for transistors) 12:
Main principle Superheterodyne (common); ZF/IF 460/10700 kHz
Tuned circuits 7 AM circuit(s)     10 FM circuit(s)
Wave bands Broadcast, (BC) Long Wave (LW), 2 x SW and FM or UHF.
Power type and voltage Storage and/or dry batteries
Loudspeaker Permanent Magnet Dynamic (PDyn) Loudspeaker (moving coil)
Power out
from Model: Transistor 1005 Automatic - Grundig Radio-Vertrieb, RVF,
Material Modern plastics (no Bakelite or Catalin)
Shape Portable set > 8 inch (also usable without mains)
Dimensions (WHD) 360 x 210 x 110 mm / 14.2 x 8.3 x 4.3 inch

Transistor 1005 Automatic is the export version of Concert Boy Automatic 210.

Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg) 4.1 kg / 9 lb 0.5 oz (9.031 lb)
External source of data Jeff Miller
Literature/Schematics (1) -- Original-techn. papers.

Model page created by Ernst Erb. See "Data change" for further contributors.

All listed radios etc. from Grundig (Radio-Vertrieb, RVF, Radiowerke)
Here you find 6061 models, 5286 with images and 4091 with schematics for wireless sets etc. In French: TSF for Télégraphie sans fil.


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Grundig Radio-: Transistor 1005 Automatic
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Jeff Miller
  1 I hope this okay to post here.

I am looking for a manual on the Grundig "Concert Boy Automatic 210 - Transistor 1005".

Here is the cover:

Is there a "swap meet" area here?

Thank you,
New York
Ernst Erb
  2 Dear Jeff
You are welcome as a rather new member to post here about a model which does not yet exist in our database. If a model can be found then we would ask to go to the model and to click "Add information to model" and then "Text/Forum" - and then to write the forum text. This will then always enrich the chosen model AND will be in the forum.

For this case here it would naturally be better if you click "Create new entries" on the HP (search page) and then "Upload new models" where you get a form to fill in data about the model. Have no fear: two administrators will check and perhaps correct. When this has been done then you can put the question to the model.

This naturally can only be done if you posess the model or if you have an other rather secure source for the data. But this would enlarge our database. Therefore we are also eager to find members who can and will upload new models from their collection - and later load pictures - as you have done for your nice Zenith B511B.

There is a swap meet area here: Click the tab "Market" - where you already have posted your request. Seeing your photo of the manual I yould say it is really best to create the model. When this is done the chances are much higher that somebody does upload all what you need and you can print it out. This is the basic idea of

I wish you good luck.

Robert Sarbell
  3 Good Morning Jeff,

The preferred "swap meet" or board for requesting items is our "MARKET" forum which is entered along the top of Radiomuseum homepage. . . . .

Items wanted, for sale, or to trade are posted there for all to see. Typically, members post their items for a specified period of time generally not to exceed a month or two (or a reasonable time period). MANY members look in on the board.

If you occasionally see the acronym HP in a posting on some pages, and is referred to as the HP (no correlation to Hewlett Packard) - it is in reference to the RMorg "home page".

According to a discussion with a member from Canada last night, our northeastern US coastline and the Toronto area is still quite a bit on the chilly side. And "shovelling schnee" is occupying their free time. Hoping for much better weather for all of you.


NOTE: Please accept my apologies for entering my comments so prematurely. While I was slowly responding, our esteemed founder has provided all your answers. And I have, as my good friend Herr Hans Kamann and our Engineer Emeritus Herr Knoll would probably agree, "Says so little with so many words".

Mit Freundlichem Gruß,

Jeff Miller
  4 Ernst and Robert:

Thank you for your answers. I will certainly upload a couple of photos of my Grundig "Concert Boy 210". I can also include the tuning range (coverage) information. FM goes to 108 MHz but since I think it is a late 1960s unit, Germany may have been using those higher frequencies by then. I am not sure.

Again, your answer were quite helpful. I found the "swap meet" (market) area AFTER I posted the original note. Yes, I am new to the forum but joined in October or November of 2004. I found the market post area forced me to enter information about the condition of my "radio". This was even though I was posting a "wanted" ad for a "manual". So I selected some of the choices just so that I could post the advert. I do hope to locate a hard copy of the manual or at least a nice .pdf file.

Until a little bit later,

Greetings from New York / 60 cm snow and -5 deg. C.
Jeff Miller
  5 Hello Ernst,

I don't know if this link (below) will work, but it appears that there is already a 99% similar model to my "Concert-Boy Automatic 210 - Transistor 1005" here:

It's the chrome model at the bottom of the set. Your photo has the European text faceplate while mine has the English text version. Note that mine says "transistor 1005 / Automatic" where yours says "Concert Boy N / Automatic". Yesterday, I uploaded the information for my model. I don't see it listed yet. Perhaps it should be included on this page (see link) instead.

Ernst Erb
  6 Dear Jeff
OK, I copied the model for you because this is much faster. I still hope that you will like to find sets which are not yet listed - especially American sets ... - and will implement them. It is easy. But maybe you already have - sorry.

In General:
We distinguish the different versions of a model  by creating an other variant - if the name is exactly the same - or be y new model with another name like this is the case here.

By this we learn which sets have been produced for export because for export models we rarely can see any printed material nor sets. Normally one finds also slight differences like other wavebands or voltages. This can here be the case too and therefore I ask you to check my entry and to change it if necessary?

THank you.
Jeff Miller
  7 Good morning,

I "searched" several times yesterday and again this morning, but still can not locate the new data for the Grundig "Transistor 1005 / Concert Boy 210" model. Please direct me to the place where I can upload a few photos. I filled out a form (Saturday) for technical information on the radio, but can not locate that data now either. I uploaded 5 photos last night based on an email I received from Roth Arpad. He said, "upload them all". So I uploaded them all! This morning I got an email from Konrad Birkner who politely said that he discarded the photos and that I should upload them to the "appropriate area". I would like to do that, but please help me locate the appropriate area for these photos. Thanking you again,

Jeff Miller
  8 Hi Ernst,

I located the new "Transistor 1005" page you created. Thanks. Also just uploaded one
photo of the radio.

I hope to upload some information about a little Japanese AM/FM/SW radio made for "Radio Shack" in the early 1970s. It is called "Globester4". First need to check to see if you have anything on that model yet. I have not seen anything else like it in my internet travels, so I hope it is new to your readers too.

I also manage a web site and a mailing list and know how frustrating it can get when people have questions, so for this, I appologize.

Konrad Birkner † 12.08.2014
  9 You´re welcome! I am only deviating Your thanks to my address.....never mind!

Grundig Radio-: Transistor 1005 Automatic
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