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KS590 Ch= HF10 + NF10 poliert

KS590 Ch= HF10 + NF10; Grundig Radio- (ID = 86389) Radio
KS590 Ch= HF10 + NF10; Grundig Radio- (ID = 86390) Radio
KS590 Ch= HF10 + NF10; Grundig Radio- (ID = 86391) Radio
KS590 Ch= HF10 + NF10; Grundig Radio- (ID = 86392) Radio
KS590 Ch= HF10 + NF10; Grundig Radio- (ID = 86393) Radio
KS590 Ch= HF10 + NF10; Grundig Radio- (ID = 86394) Radio
KS590 Ch= HF10 + NF10; Grundig Radio- (ID = 86395) Radio
KS590 Ch= HF10 + NF10; Grundig Radio- (ID = 88512) Radio KS590 Ch= HF10 + NF10; Grundig Radio- (ID = 88513) Radio
KS590 Ch= HF10 + NF10; Grundig Radio- (ID = 88514) Radio KS590 Ch= HF10 + NF10; Grundig Radio- (ID = 88515) Radio
KS590 Ch= HF10 + NF10; Grundig Radio- (ID = 1101524) Radio KS590 Ch= HF10 + NF10; Grundig Radio- (ID = 1101525) Radio
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KS590 Ch= HF10 + NF10; Grundig Radio- (ID = 88512) Radio
Grundig Radio-: KS590 Ch= HF10 + NF10 [Radio] ID = 88512 533x400
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For model KS590 Ch= HF10 + NF10 poliert, Grundig (Radio-Vertrieb, RVF, Radiowerke)
Country:  Germany
Manufacturer / Brand:  Grundig (Radio-Vertrieb, RVF, Radiowerke)
alternative name
Grundig Portugal || Grundig USA / Lextronix
Year: 1964/1965 Category: Broadcast Receiver - or past WW2 Tuner
Valves / Tubes 10: ECC85 ECH81 EAF801 EAF801 EM87 ECC808 ECC83 ECC83 ELL80 ELL80
Main principle Superheterodyne (common); ZF/IF 460 / 1070 kHz
Tuned circuits 8 AM circuit(s)     12 FM circuit(s)
Wave bands Broadcast, Long Wave, Short Wave plus FM or UHF.
Details Changer (Record changer)
Power type and voltage Alternating Current supply (AC) / 110; 130; 220 Volt
Loudspeaker 7 or more Loudspeakers
Power out
from Model: KS590 Ch= HF10 + NF10 [poliert] - Grundig Radio-Vertrieb, RVF,
Material Wooden case
Shape Console with Push Buttons.
Dimensions (WHD) 1570 x 820 x 450 mm / 61.8 x 32.3 x 17.7 inch
Notes Rundfunk-Chassis = HF10; Stereo-Decoder 4 oder 5 nachrüstbar, Stereo-NF-Verstärker mit 2 Gegentakt-Endstufen je 8,5 W;
Phono-Chassis = Dual 1009
Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg) 85 kg / 187 lb 3.6 oz (187.225 lb)
Price in first year of sale 2'150.00 DM
External source of data Erb
Source of data Handbuch VDRG 1964/1965

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Grundig Radio-: KS590 Ch= HF10 + NF10
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Help with the size of a inductor
Mark Kuhn

I and restoring a amp section of this grundig and found why the left side is cracking and not making sound. But not sure what this part is it has a wire wound exterior and that part of it is broke into two sections. I have a schematic and circled it in red below help please





Bernhard Nagel

Hello Mark,

since this is a stereophonic amplifier (model Grundig NF10), the right channel should have the same inductor fitted. To determine the needed value, you can measure the inductance (e.g. at a measuring frequency of 1 kHz) with an inductance bridge or a LCR meter. To do so, carefully de-solder one end of it from the circuitry.

This inductor (Grundig part-# 9218-103) is part of the negative feedback circuit.

Please show also a picture how this inductor looks.


Mark Kuhn

Mark Kuhn

I'll have to order a LCR meter and measure the other side. 

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grundig: Ch= HF10 + NF10; KS590 (KS 590)
David Marshall

Hi all,
My first post here and I'm looking for advice regarding my 1964 Grundig KS590 console. I inherited it from my father and after a friend repaired it in 1998, I had it connected to my tape and cd players. It's just come out of 7 years storage after I recently returned to the US.

My problem is this: While there is an AUX DIN input inside the console for a tape deck, it seems to be broken/chipped. Is there an alternative to using this input? There is a setup on the back with 4 DIN cables emerging from the machine and then connecting to the back . Two of them are marked TA and TB. There is a TA button on the radio panel which I used to use to use when playing via the auxiliary sources. Can I connect a RCA-DIN interconnect to one of those inputs on the back? I have downloaded the schematics here but  as I am not experienced enough I thought I would ask the question.

best regards,


Bart Sporken

Hello David,


I just read your message; I also have a KS590 , that i am in the process of restoring.
To help out a purchased a NOS NF10: Through the AUX DIN input i was able to hook up my windows phone through a jack to AUX DIN cable, that plugged into the NF10. Sound comes out of one side (the right side); the left side is still need to repair. But i know that the AUX DIN5 connection works. 

If your AUX DIN input (the middle input on the left of the nf10 unit) is broken for about $3, you could just buy an AUX DIN 5 plug, just google/ebay this unit. It's still standard AUX DIN 5 plus material and compatible what they still sell in stores today. 


Hope that you fixed already in 2008, otherwise hope this helps.





Grundig Radio-: KS590 Ch= HF10 + NF10
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