• Año
  • 1958
  • Categoría
  • Televisión (TV) o monitor
  • Radiomuseum.org ID
  • 289769

 Especificaciones técnicas

  • Numero de valvulas
  • 24
  • Numero de transistores
  • Principio principal
  • Superheterodino con paso previo de RF
  • Gama de ondas
  • VHF/UHF (see notes for details)
  • Tensión de funcionamiento
  • Red: Corriente alterna (CA, Inglés = AC) / 200; 230; 240 Volt
  • Altavoz
  • Altavoz dinámico (de imán permanente) / Ø 12 inch = 30.5 cm
  • Material
  • Madera
  • de Radiomuseum.org
  • Modelo: F3-A2 Ch= F3 - His Master's Voice HMV, H.M.V.
  • Forma
  • Consola en general
  • Ancho, altura, profundidad
  • 26 x 37 x 23 inch / 660 x 940 x 584 mm
  • Anotaciones
  • HMV F3-A2 De-Luxe Console

    With easy rolling castors. In Walnut or Mahogany Veneers. High definition 21-inch aluminised 90° deflection picture tube with electrostatic focus.

    Operation is simplified, so members of a family, young or old, may operate with confidence after a few minutes' instruction.
    To operate (after switching "ON") -

    (a) Turn selector to desired channel.
    (b) Adjust contrast control for best picture.
    (c) Adjust sound volume control.

    It is not necessary to use the fine tuning control after switching from one channel to another.

    Newly developed circuits positively "lock" the picture, both horizontally and vertically, whether a strong or weak transmission is being received.

    Horizontal "locking" is achieved by a balanced flywheel synchronisation circuit which automatically "locks" the picture and dispenses with the necessity of a "horizontal hold" control on the front panel.

    Interference effects have been minimised to the greatest possible extent by use of the latest circuitry.

    A turret tuner, fully equipped to receive all ten Australian channels, incorporates a Cascode R.F, amplifier, which with four I.F. amplifying valves gives unequalled long-distance or local reception with upmost clarity.

    Audio amplifier has two valves in push-pull output stage for greater volume and highest fidellty reproduction. Sound output power is 8 watts. A tone control is provided.

    Valve equipment - 23 valves - of which 10 are double-purpose; and 2 metal rectifiers.

    Easy to service; chassis is easily removed from cabinet, Valves are all located on top
    of chassis and may be replaced without removal of chassis. Picture tube is easily

  • Peso neto
  • 150 lb 0 oz (150 lb) / 68.1 kg
  • Precio durante el primer año
  • 299.25 AUS £
  • Documentación / Esquemas (1)
  • -- Original-techn. papers. (HMV Service Manual for Television Receiver Chassis Type F3.)
  • Documentación / Esquemas (2)
  • -- Original-techn. papers. (Model Data Sheet.)
  • Autor
  • Modelo creado por Martin Kent. Ver en "Modificar Ficha" los participantes posteriores.

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