Oscillatore 145-C

Oscillatore 145-C; Lael, Laboratori (ID = 305611) Equipment
Oscillatore 145-C; Lael, Laboratori (ID = 1512567) Equipment
Oscillatore 145-C; Lael, Laboratori (ID = 304720) Equipment Oscillatore 145-C; Lael, Laboratori (ID = 752433) Equipment
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Oscillatore 145-C; Lael, Laboratori (ID = 304720) Equipment
Lael, Laboratori: Oscillatore 145-C [Equipment] ID = 304720 769x609
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Pour le modèle Oscillatore 145-C, Lael, Laboratori Elettronici; Milano
Pays:  Italia
Fabricant / Marque:  Lael, Laboratori Elettronici; Milano
Année: 1960 ? Catégorie: Appareils de mesure et de dépannage (matériel de labo)
Lampes / Tubes 1: 6U8A
Gammes d'ondes Bandes en notes.
Tension / type courant Alimentation Courant Alternatif (CA). / 110; 125; 160; 220 Volt
Haut-parleur - - No sound reproduction output.
Puissance de sortie
De Modèle: Oscillatore 145-C - Lael, Laboratori Elettronici;
Matière Boitier métallique
Forme Modèle de table de forme quelconque, profil pas précisés.
Dimensions (LHP) 195 x 155 x 95 mm / 7.7 x 6.1 x 3.7 inch
Remarques The 145C signal generator, built by Lael, was sold around the early sixties. This AM/CW generator covered frequencies from 140 kHz to 42 MHz in six bands. The 145C was the evolution of the model 145 built in the fifties by another manufacturer, Mial, also showed in archives: the look is quite the same, with the power supply cable coming out from the backside and the band switching knob moved from the right side to the front panel. There are remarkable differences in the components: the band switching moves to a conventional rotary switch; a single tube, the 6U8A triode pentode, is used as AF/RF oscillator; a selenium rectifier supplies the DC anode voltage.
Poids net 2.5 kg / 5 lb 8.1 oz (5.507 lb)
Source - - Data from my own collection

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