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Super-Celohet (Supercelohet) 33W

Super-Celohet 33W; Lorenz; Berlin, (ID = 1097474) Radio
Super-Celohet 33W; Lorenz; Berlin, (ID = 86180) Radio
Super-Celohet 33W; Lorenz; Berlin, (ID = 341308) Radio
Super-Celohet 33W; Lorenz; Berlin, (ID = 1032556) Radio Super-Celohet 33W; Lorenz; Berlin, (ID = 29970) Radio
Super-Celohet 33W; Lorenz; Berlin, (ID = 29971) Radio Super-Celohet 33W; Lorenz; Berlin, (ID = 29969) Radio
Super-Celohet 33W; Lorenz; Berlin, (ID = 85677) Radio Super-Celohet 33W; Lorenz; Berlin, (ID = 85678) Radio
Super-Celohet 33W; Lorenz; Berlin, (ID = 85680) Radio Super-Celohet 33W; Lorenz; Berlin, (ID = 338397) Radio
Super-Celohet 33W; Lorenz; Berlin, (ID = 1783995) Radio Super-Celohet 33W; Lorenz; Berlin, (ID = 1830304) Radio
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Super-Celohet 33W; Lorenz; Berlin, (ID = 1032556) Radio
Lorenz; Berlin,: Super-Celohet 33W [Radio] ID = 1032556 536x606
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For model Super-Celohet (Supercelohet) 33W, Lorenz; Berlin, Zuffenhausen u.a.
Country:  Germany
Manufacturer / Brand:  Lorenz; Berlin, Zuffenhausen u.a.
Year: 1933 ? Category: Broadcast Receiver - or past WW2 Tuner
Valves / Tubes 5: RENS1234 RENS1234 RENS1254 RENS1374d RGN1064
Main principle Superheterodyne (common); ZF/IF 130 kHz
Tuned circuits 7 AM circuit(s)
Wave bands Broadcast, Long Wave and Short Wave.
Power type and voltage Alternating Current supply (AC) / 110-240 Volt
Loudspeaker Electro Magnetic Dynamic LS (moving-coil with field excitation coil) / Ø 20 cm = 7.9 inch
Power out
from Model: Super-Celohet 33W - Lorenz; Berlin, Zuffenhausen u
Material Wooden case
Shape Tablemodel, high profile (upright - NOT Cathedral nor decorative).
Dimensions (WHD) 400 x 460 x 290 mm / 15.7 x 18.1 x 11.4 inch
Notes Eingangsbandfilter für MW + LW.
Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg) 15.9 kg / 35 lb 0.4 oz (35.022 lb)
Source of data Radiokatalog Band 1, Ernst Erb
Circuit diagram reference Lange+Schenk+FS-Röhrenbestückung

All listed radios etc. from Lorenz; Berlin, Zuffenhausen u.a.
Here you find 708 models, 558 with images and 340 with schematics for wireless sets etc. In French: TSF for Télégraphie sans fil.


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Lorenz; Berlin,: Super-Celohet 33W
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lorenz: 33W; Supercelohet
Georges Van Campenhout
  1 The material of the housing is solid massive wood (no plywood), The dial scale border is in bakelite.
I found my set of very high quality. I am really astonished that after 70 years it is in such a good condition, although quite a lot of components have been replaced (mains xformer, capacitors, rectifier and AN4126 tube). The two RENS1234 tubes have both lost their grey coating
Ernst Erb
  2 Dear Georges
You have a very nice Lorenz 33W Supercelohet. I like your pictures and think it is wise to get a photo of the content within the chassis. Well done. I also saw that you have created some new models to our data base.

It would be very nice if you could select wood for this set plus the shape and the measurements. Maybe you even have something for the field "notes"? This would enrich the model directly.

You can as well just post an "answer" to your existing post if you list new findings. It does not matter that we list now 3 different posts but I write this also for others to remember. It is not obvious that the link "Answer" is also meant for new information to the same subject, here your Lorenz 33W Supercelohet. I don't know if you read also German but there are articles how to create a new metallic coating. Please list this as an answer here if you need help or if somebocy should translate that article. You sure get help also if you do postings in English. Unfortunately perhaps not so much if you post in French, Italian or Spanish (yet).
Georges Van Campenhout
  3 Hello Ernst,

Thanks for the information.
Yes, I uploaded information about every "treasure" i add to my collection, and if it is ok for you, I will go on in the future
Yes, I do understand German, and I already read the articles you mention.I find them particulary interesting.
What is not so clear to me is how I can change or add the relevant information about the enclosure of the Supercelohet.
Can you please explain?

Ernst Erb
  4 Dear Georges
I clicked the flag for English to give you the correct link name in English:
After writing teh Word supercelohet (or only superce) into the field into the fild "Simple search for Old Time Radios" you get a list of such models and choose the one you want to see. You get your radio model page - say for Supercelohet 33W. Beolow on this page you should find the link "Suggest change". You have already used one of the other links: "Add information to model" to write this in the first place.

Clicking "Suggest change" you receive a page with the accepted alterations and addings somebody has done before - in this case yours.

The link "Propose new suggestion" brings you to the actual form with a list of all the features displayed up to now on the left part and fields for new proposals on the right part. Scrolling further down you find two fields: One for Material and one for Shape. For Material you select "Wooden case" (instead of "unknown"). for Shape you select "Tablemodel, high profile (upright)" but to my knowledge it is nearly a "Tablemodel Thombstone". So the latter could be accepted but is not really true in this case.

I don't know if that is really the answer to your question. I believe that you want to express that this particular model was being built with solid wood. You still would do the above but you would write in your own words into the field "Notes" what you would like to add to the model in your own way. This field can contain many lines - the more the better for the model.

Into the field at the bottom of the form you give a short notice for your reasons to the administrators. If not necessary you put in a single letter because it has to contain something before the GO button does it's job. Now looking to it I believe you have already done theses steps whilst I'm writing - what a coincidence .... ;-)

So this is for other members ...
I think we have some really unique features in our "Radio-City" or even "Radio-World" here: We all (some 2000 members from 50 countries) can add new radio makers or new models and we can change on both types or load up pictures - or even write findings or questions to the models or companies. I'm certain that in a years time we will have made again very big steps to the goal of a good radio catalogue with valid information for guests and members. I'm aware that we have a real "most complete radio catalogue" for the German speaking countries plus the Netherlands - but only a very beginning for other countries. :-(

I thank you for participating.

Georges Van Campenhout
  5 OK Ernst,

the procedure is now clear to me. I already added some interesting information.
Merry Xmas and a Happy New Radio year to you, to all your team and to all the fellow old radio lovers

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lorenz: 33W; Supercelohet
Georges Van Campenhout
  1 The rear panel of my Lorenz Supercelohet carries a small triangular logo (kind of road sign; but the border in green), showing a round loudspeaker on a table stand, and the letters C  10 and at the bottom the 3 letters LPU. What does this mean?

What does the name Celohet mean?

Best Regards


Rüdiger Walz
  2 LPU means "Lautsprecher Patent Union". In English: loudspeaker patent group. It was a union of loudspeaker producer which aquired the patent rights for the construction of loudspeakers. The construction of a well performing loudspeaker at that time was covered by a lot of different patents of several companies (Telefunken, Rice Kellog etc). So a group of loudspeaker producer was formed which aquired the rights to produce loudspeakers. The sign on the back of the Celohet means that the loudspeaker was produced under the rights of this LPU and the producer is member of the LPU.
Best regards
Rüdiger Walz

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lorenz: 33W; Supercelohet
Georges Van Campenhout
  1 At the bottom of my set I found the following metal label:


Bell Telephone was a Belgian Company, based in Antwerp 
SBR  was also a Belgian company of Brussels (Société Belge Radio-électrique)
I do not know what SEM means. Can anyone help?


Lorenz; Berlin,: Super-Celohet 33W
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