37-84B (37-84, 37-84A) Code 121

Philco, Philadelphia Stg. Batt. Co.; USA

  • Year
  • 1936
  • Category
  • Broadcast Receiver - or past WW2 Tuner
  • Radiomuseum.org ID
  • 129933

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 Technical Specifications

  • Number of Tubes
  • 4
  • Main principle
  • Superheterodyne (common); ZF/IF 470 kHz; Super, reaction, but not adjustable
  • Tuned circuits
  • 3 AM circuit(s)
  • Wave bands
  • Broadcast only (MW).
  • Power type and voltage
  • Alternating Current supply (AC) / 115 Volt
  • Loudspeaker
  • Electro Magnetic Dynamic LS (moving-coil with field excitation coil) / Ø 19 cm = 7.5 inch
  • Power out
  • 0.5 W (unknown quality)
  • Material
  • Wooden case
  • from Radiomuseum.org
  • Model: 37-84B Code 121 - Philco, Philadelphia Stg. Batt
  • Shape
  • Table-Cathedral-Type (upright, round top or gothic arch, not rounded edges only).
  • Dimensions (WHD)
  • 310 x 370 x 195 mm / 12.2 x 14.6 x 7.7 inch
  • Notes
  • Philco model 37-84B was the fourth and final generation (following models 80B, 81B, and 84B) of low cost 4-tube cathedrals that used a regenerative combined IF/detector stage in a superheterodyne circuit to maximize sensitivity with very few components.

    Three versions of 37-84B are known: Code 121 uses a chassis with the old style tube lineup of the previous model 84B. The two versions of 37-84B code 122 use more modern octal tubes. While the standard versions of these chassis are for 50-60 Hz AC power, there was also a 37-84A chassis for 25-40 Hz power (probably available for both codes 121 and 122). Note that the -A suffix is a chassis suffix, not to be confused with the main model number -B suffix, which indicates cathedral cabinet.

    The early version of code 122 has four vertical bars through the speaker opening. The late version has simple curvy lattice work in the lower part of the speaker opening. Code 121 has a cabinet similar to the late version of code 122, even though its tube lineup suggests it was chronologically first.

    The 37-84B code 121 is not documented in any of the usual sources (Rider, Ramirez, Philco service literature); its existence is known from the pictures attached here.
  • Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg)
  • 5.8 kg / 12 lb 12.4 oz (12.775 lb)
  • Source of data
  • - - Data from my own collection
  • Author
  • Model page created by Norbert Konersmann. See "Data change" for further contributors.

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