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BX272U; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 41278) Radio
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BX272U; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 1631416) Radio
BX272U; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 1631417) Radio
BX272U; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 1631418) Radio
BX272U; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 2294693) Radio BX272U; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 116890) Radio
BX272U; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 116891) Radio BX272U; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 116888) Radio
BX272U; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 2322390) Radio BX272U; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 116889) Radio
BX272U; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 116892) Radio BX272U; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 704690) Radio
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BX272U; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 2294693) Radio
Philips; Eindhoven: BX272U [Radio] ID = 2294693 1400x1277
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For model BX272U, Philips; Eindhoven (tubes international!); Miniwatt
Country:  Netherlands
Manufacturer / Brand:  Philips; Eindhoven (tubes international!); Miniwatt
Year: 1947/1948 Category: Broadcast Receiver - or past WW2 Tuner
Valves / Tubes 4: UCH21 UCH21 UBL21 UY1N
Main principle Superheterodyne (common); ZF/IF 452 kHz; 2 AF stage(s)
Tuned circuits 6 AM circuit(s)
Wave bands Broadcast, Long Wave and Short Wave.
Power type and voltage AC/DC-set / 125; 220 Volt
Loudspeaker Permanent Magnet Dynamic (PDyn) Loudspeaker (moving coil) / Ø 5 inch = 12.7 cm
Power out
from Model: BX272U - Philips; Eindhoven tubes
Material Bakelite case
Shape Tablemodel without bush buttons, Mantel/Midget/Compact up to 14
Dimensions (WHD) 250 x 220 x 150 mm / 9.8 x 8.7 x 5.9 inch
AM radio for external antenna:
  • LW: 157 - 400 kHz.
  • BC: 530 - 1500 kHz.
  • SW: 5,88- 18,2 MHz.
Loudspeaker: there are 2 possibilities: type 9712-06 (5Ω) or type 9730 (5Ω).
Dial lamp: 8095D (19V/90mA).
The mains voltage can be adapted to 110 or 200 volt by short-circuiting resistor R37.
There is also a Philips BX272U-20 in existence which has been manufactured in Belgium (Leuven). The data presented here is valid for that version too.
Price in first year of sale 143.00 Hfl
Source of data Technisch- Commercieel - Radio Vademecum Staleman
Literature/Schematics (1) -- Original-techn. papers.

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Philips; Eindhoven: BX272U
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philips: How to adjust IF coils.
Manuel Trujillo


I have a receiver like this and it has oscillation noise when a station is tuned. I want to adjust the intermediate frequency and radiofrequency but the oscillating coils seem sealed in upper part and from what I see in the service manual there are only some small coils (i think they are called worm coils or something like that)  in the form of a white tube on the bottom of the receiver. It seems that the adjustment is made in them but I do not want to damage them without informing me beforehand. Thank all

Dietmar Rudolph

Philips IF coils of this kind cannot be adjusted.

The problem of adjusting coils is discussed in "Abgleich von Spulen" (in German). In point 2: "Der Abgleich durch Einkerbungen im Abschirmgehäuse" you will find the following picture.

The alignment of the IF coils is realized by the grooves in the Al can. You will also find a link to a forum in the Nederlands, where the procedure of alignment is described.

Regards, Dietmar

Manuel Trujillo

Thank you for your response. 

I have several Spanish philips devices that use the same type of coil. I don't know that they were the latest in technology at the time. As regards the alignment, the tubes to which I referred seem to be condensers, as can be seen in the service manual C34,C38,etc.. In the alignment instructions it seems that they have something to play and that they must be adjusted to the maximum. How are these condensers adjusted?. I think they have to do with the problem of my radio because when I touch or move them, the oscillation noise changes



Wolfgang Holtmann

Hello Mr Trujillo

Those capacitors you are referring to, are a cheap solution for a variable trim capacitor!

On the body (yellow) we see a thin spiral wire with an open end.

In the factory they are adjusted by pulling the wire in order to reduce the capacity to reach the maximum performance of the set. Then the (now useless) remaining wire was cut off.

For later repairs and adjustments, a further removal of that wire will only reduce the capacity!
Or, you have to solder an additional wire to extend the windings, which is a cumbersome procedure... 

Kind regards


Manuel Trujillo

Hello Wolfang, thank you very much for your response. You have explained it perfectly. The Phillips engineers must blindly trust that these devices stay aligned for many years.


Gidi Verheijen

In his contribution of November 12th [post #2] Dietmar Rudolph referred to a forum in the Netherlands, where  the procedure for alignment of IF coils by Philips has been discussed. Unfortunately the original link does not work anymore.

The following links, however, lead to

  1. the complete forum thread
  2. a posting with pictures of the manufacturing of the coils by Philips.

Edit 14.11.2018 Links to the external site removed. There a password is required to read the content.

Wolfgang Holtmann

Hallo Gidi

Die beiden Links geben zwar Zugang zu den Bildern,
ABER gleichzeitig können nun Außenstehende über mein Wachtwort ins NL-Forom einloggen!

Ich verstehe nicht, wie das so gekommen ist. Ich habe mein Wachtwort nie öffentlich bekannt gegeben!
Bitte diese Links zu entfernen...

EDIT:    Ich bedanke mich bei Herrn Bernhard Nagel, der meinem Wunsch entsprochen hat...

For further explanation:
Few years ago the links to the interesting pictures were accessible for everyone, but later on these were transferred to the archive which now is protected by a password.

MfG, Wolfgang


Gidi Verheijen

Dear Wolfgang,

I did not realise, that for access to the Dutch radioforum a password is required (as I always are logged in automatically). So it was an adequate action by the forum moderator to remove the links I had provided to the Dutch radioforum.

 I would like to assure you that access to that radioforum is only possible with an appropriate set of ID and password. Visitors will only get access via your set of ID and password, if this set would be known to them. However, you mentioned that you never published your password.

I am sorry that I causted confusion, but I will try to provide the relevant information about the alignment of Philips IF-coils, as presented in the Dutchradioforum to the visitors of the RMorg forum.

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philips: BX272U;
Mario Coelho

Dear Radiophils

Recently I've noticed that I've a BX281U back cover in my BX272U instead of the right one. They are are very similar though not equal.

Do you know where can I get one ?

Best Regards




Robert Latzel

Hello Mr.Coelho,

at the place (forum), you posted your question / offer / search yet, it is very hard to find in future, and so the chance for success is very low.

And: Search and offer to combine in one text is absolutely no good idea.

Please, post your search and your offer again.
Also: One thread for search. And one thread for offer.
But each - search and offer - always from the exact model into the market.

With kind regards

R. Latzel

Mario Coelho


Thank you for your post and for your answer to my question.

I hope that my post is now changed according to your tip.

Then  I'll try to post this matter  in the  "market" place.


( but....I've to tell you that this is the first time that I'll try to write to "market").

Please tell me how do I do that. 

Do I go to  " The model", first? as before? or there is another way to post?

Thank you for your help

Best Regards



Robert Latzel

Hello Mr. Coelho,

here in my bad english the way to make an offer:

Go to the correct model.
Click to "My model".
Click "Advert for parts"
Write your offer.
Send it.

The same procedure is to write an Advert with your search.

I hope, it was helpful.

With kind regards

R. Latzel


Mario Coelho

Hello Mr.latzel

Now I've got it all. Thanks for your help.

Best Regards


Philips; Eindhoven: BX272U
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