310WL RENS1204

310WL; SABA; Villingen (ID = 98399) Radio
310WL; SABA; Villingen (ID = 21785) Radio
310WL; SABA; Villingen (ID = 21786) Radio
310WL; SABA; Villingen (ID = 5473) Radio
310WL; SABA; Villingen (ID = 2029309) Radio
310WL; SABA; Villingen (ID = 2349280) Radio
310WL; SABA; Villingen (ID = 2349281) Radio
310WL; SABA; Villingen (ID = 1793462) Radio 310WL; SABA; Villingen (ID = 24462) Radio
310WL; SABA; Villingen (ID = 93360) Radio 310WL; SABA; Villingen (ID = 18502) Radio
310WL; SABA; Villingen (ID = 12025) Radio 310WL; SABA; Villingen (ID = 18503) Radio
310WL; SABA; Villingen (ID = 697) Radio 310WL; SABA; Villingen (ID = 110291) Radio
310WL; SABA; Villingen (ID = 110292) Radio 310WL; SABA; Villingen (ID = 110293) Radio
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310WL; SABA; Villingen (ID = 1793462) Radio
SABA; Villingen: 310WL [Radio] ID = 1793462 1400x1866
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Für Modell 310WL RENS1204, SABA; Villingen
Land:  Deutschland / Germany
Hersteller / Marke:  SABA; Villingen
Schwer & Söhne, GmbH
Jahr: 1932/1933 Kategorie: Rundfunkempfänger (Radio - oder Tuner nach WW2)
Röhren 4: RENS1264 RENS1204 RES164 RGN1054
Hauptprinzip Geradeaus oder Audion mit Rückkopplung; 1 Zusatz; 1 NF-Stufe(n)
Anzahl Kreise 2 Kreis(e) AM
Wellenbereiche Langwelle, Mittelwelle (LW+MW).
Betriebsart / Volt Wechselstromspeisung / 110; 125; 150; 220 Volt
Lautsprecher Dynamischer LS, mit Erregerspule (elektrodynamisch)
Belastbarkeit / Leistung
von Modell: 310WL [RENS1204] - SABA; Villingen
Material Bakelit (Pressstoff)
Form Tischgerät, Hochformat (höher als quadratisch, schlicht, keine Kathedrale).
Abmessungen (BHT) 340 x 430 x 200 mm / 13.4 x 16.9 x 7.9 inch
Nettogewicht 9.5 kg / 20 lb 14.8 oz (20.925 lb)
Originalpreis 150.00 RM +
Datenherkunft Radiokatalog Band 1, Ernst Erb
Literaturnachweis Saba-Diplomarbeit
Bildnachweis Das Modell ist im «Radiokatalog» (Erb) abgebildet.

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SABA; Villingen: 310WL
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saba: Is the dial lamp available
Donald Cochrane

Is it still possible to find the correct 4v dial lamp for this radio?




Rolf Beckers

Dear Don,

I'm not aware of any supplier offering 4V versions anymore. My proposal would be you take a LED version of such lamp and connect it somewhere to the DC supply with a respective resistor in series of course.You will even have a much brighter light then.



Jacob Roschy

Hello Donald,

I suggest buying 6 Volts 5 Watts Soffit car lamps. They will lit bright enough at 4 Volts.
Search for “Soffitte 6V 5W S8,5 11x36mm Glühbirne”.

Best Regards,


Donald Cochrane

Thank you Jakob.

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saba: 310WL;
Donald Cochrane

If someone has worked on this set,  I would love to talk to them.  I am having a small problem with mine and would greatly appreciate the help.



Donald Cochrane

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Dietmar Rudolph
  2 Dear Donald,

if you could specify your problem, help certainly will be possible.

Best regards,

Donald Cochrane

Thank you for your reply.  I am having trouble with two parts.  First, on the condensor block, is marked 5=/300   80=/1000   10=/300   200=/750   300=/1000   This is not marked anywhere on the schematic so I am having some trouble tracing condensors.  Someone was in this set before me and moved a wire so I also have to find out where it goes but that is a second problem. 


Best regards,


Dietmar Rudolph
  4 The 310W/WL contains 2 condensator blocks, one above the chassis part No 320/70 and one below the chassis part No 324/8. Seen from the front of the chassis, the 311/70 is on the left hand side and contains 4 condensators, and the connections are from left to right:
  • C1; C2; C3; common of C1,C2,C3; C4; C4;  C1+C2+C3+C4 = 12,2 μF; 750 grams;
From the same point of view, the 342/8 which also contains 4 condensors, has the following connections:
  •  C5; C6; common of C5,C6,C7,C8; C7; C8; C5+C6+C7+C8 = 6,5 μF; 360 grams;
Unfortunately, the original Saba service sheets contain only this information, and there is no correspondence table to the No of the condenser and its value.
Extra condensors are
  • 311/71: 2*0,1 μF/500V; 312/69: 0,2 μF/1500V; 311/69: 0,5 μF/500V; the voltages being test voltages only
Hopefully, you can figure out which block contains which condensor.

Best regards
Donald Cochrane

Now I am confused..  I have only found one tubular condenser on top of the chassis (I am guessing is the 8mfd) and the condenser block on the bottom.  I found my second problem with the help of a local friend and found the "problem" to be very interesting and A-typical of radios repaired during of just after the war.  Whoever worked on this evidentally could not get a replacement output tube (RES164) to replace a very used one so, he put full B+ on the plate to get a little more use from it.  I have replaced that part of the circuit and the set is playing now with a new RES164.  The question about the bottom condenser block still remains but,  fortunately, it still works with no shorts or hum.

Do you have this radio?


Regards and many thanks for your kind help,



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saba: 310WL;
Robert Weiner

Zwei komplett nachgezeichnete Skalenscheiben (1932,1933) für Nachdrucke zu diesem Gerät finden sie über die unten angegeben Links zum download.

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saba: Techn. Unterlagen
Ernst Erb
  1 Originalschaltplan, Lagepläne, Strom- und Spannungsschema und 5 Ersatzteillisten siehe bei 310W - weitere techn. Unterlagen auch bei 520W und 520GL.
SABA; Villingen: 310WL
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