Test Set Type 98


  • Año
  • 1943 ??
  • Categoría
  • Equipo Militar (sin Re, Tr y TRX)
  • Radiomuseum.org ID
  • 303827

 Especificaciones técnicas

  • Numero de valvulas
  • 1
  • Gama de ondas
  • Bandas de recepción puestas en notas.
  • Tensión de funcionamiento
  • Pilas + jack (etc.) para alimentación externa. / 1,5, 60 Volt
  • Material
  • Metálico
  • de Radiomuseum.org
  • Modelo: Test Set Type 98 - Unknown - CUSTOM BUILT: GB
  • Forma
  • Portátil de bolsillo , menor de 20cm.
  • Ancho, altura, profundidad
  • 170 x 200 x 170 mm / 6.7 x 7.9 x 6.7 inch
  • Anotaciones
  • The Test Set Type 98 is a UK Air Ministry portable tuneable field strength meter that can be used for adjusting VHF transmitters and antennas. The tuning dial is simply calibrated 0 to 10 and exact frequency coverage is not known. It uses a single 1N5G valve as detector, powered from 1.5v LT and 60v HT dry batteries that are housed within the case. The unit is tropicalised.

    A 4-section whip antenna can be plugged into a socket on top of the case, while the bottom of the case has a socket for a tripod.

    The anode current of the detector valve is indicated by a 1 mA fsd moving coil meter, or an external meter can be plugged in for remote indication. A jack is also provided to allow modulated signals to be monitored with headphones.

    As can be seen in the internal photo, the unit can be readily modernised by replacing the valve with three transistors, and the battery compartment is the correct size for housing two 6v PP1 batteries in place of the original LT and HT ones.

  • Peso neto
  • 4 kg / 8 lb 13 oz (8.811 lb)
  • Autor
  • Modelo creado por Bruce Taylor. Ver en "Modificar Ficha" los participantes posteriores.

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