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Bryce Ringwood, South Africa - Tube collection

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Photo Bryce Ringwood

Below you find a part of the tube collection Bryce Ringwood.

For reasons of space have to keep the collection down to a few. I repair vintage radios as a paying hobby. I keep records of them for interest. Call sign used to be G8ARY many years ago when I lived in UK. I began my hobby by building a crystal set radio using Ivalek headphones, Repanco coil and Jackson Bros variable capacitor (which I still have!). It really didn't work very well. I used to listen to short wave on my Dad's radio and later on a Wireless Set No. 19. I tried without success to receive the first Sputnik using an R208 receiver on 20 and 40 MHz. I built my own receivers and transmitters for the amateur 70cm band and had a contact from Leeds in the UK with a Norwegian station using my 4X150A homebrew transmitter. Before leaving England for South Africa, I hurriedly built a five band shortwave receiver to listen to the BBC. On arrival, I more or less gave up radio for 20 years until a colleague presented me with a very broken NC 100. (Meanwhile, I had been very busy making electronic equipment for strain measurement and helping my children with radio control.) The NC 100 seems to have acted like a magnet, attracting all sorts of strange equipment to make a collection of sorts. My Wife bought the Phantom de Luxe for my Birthday.
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Excerpt from the tube collection of Bryce Ringwood. These images (tube photos) were uploaded to the respective tubes or valves by Bryce Ringwood.

Construction is 'turned round' compared to a normal triode, in other words heater, grid and anode are in the horizontal plane of the photograph.
MO Valve Co. Ltd.; GB GB
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Ediswan, Siemens Edison Swan... GB
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Common type Worldwide tube/s... ZZ
This looks exactly like the old schematics for a diode.
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GEC, General Electric Co Ltd... GB
I made the tube glow with a UV LED. I remember these being used in a popular tape recorder of the '50s
DM70 1952
Common type Europe tube/semi... EU
Incredibly small - but larger than a hearing aid valve.
Common type Europe tube/semi... EU
Mullard EC1000
Mullard Radio Valve Co. Ltd.; GB
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Valvo GmbH, Radioröhrenfabri... D
This tube needs to be kept absolutely clean and free from contamination, in common with all electrometer valves. Mullard supplied it in a large carton with the tube inside the sealed cellophane bag shown here.
Mullard Radio Valve Co. Ltd.; GB
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Standard Telephones and Cabl... GB
Special quality quick-heat version of the QQV06-40. Note the gold pins.
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Common type Europe tube/semi... EU
This must be a spare for an Eddystone 770/U.
Common type Worldwide tube/s... ZZ
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