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ID = 3250
Brand: Common type Italy tube/semicond.
Tube type:  Mag. Eye, 1 shadow angle   Indication 
Identical to 6E5GT
Similar Tubes
Different connections:
Other base:
Predecessor Tubes 6E5   6E5G  

Base Octal (Int.Octal, IO) K8A, USA 1935
Was used by Radio/TV-reception etc.
Filament Vf 6.3 Volts / If 0.3 Ampere / Indirect / Specified voltage AC/DC
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oc46_g.gif 6E5GT: RTT Schwandt
Günther Stabe † 19.8.20

Just Qvigstad
Usage in Models 1= 1936 ; 1= 1940? ; 1= 1940 ; 1= 1946 ; 3= 1947?? ; 1= 1947? ; 1= 1947 ; 2= 1948?? ; 2= 1948? ; 5= 1948 ; 6= 1949?? ; 1= 1949? ; 10= 1949 ; 11= 1950?? ; 4= 1950? ; 11= 1950 ; 7= 1951?? ; 2= 1951? ; 6= 1951 ; 1= 1952?? ; 2= 1952? ; 4= 1952 ; 1= 1953?? ; 1= 1953? ; 4= 1953 ; 5= 1954 ; 2= 1955?? ; 1= 1955? ; 17= 1955 ; 1= 1956?? ; 3= 1956? ; 3= 1956 ; 1= 1957 ; 1= 1958 ; 1= 1959?? ; 1= 1964 ; 1= 1965?

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6E5GT (6E5GT) - How to test on Funke W19
Robert Sarbell † 22.3.22

Dear colleagues,

According to the pin connections for this peculiar tube, from the data supplied by a member from the Netherlands, there appears to be some difficulty to properly test the tuning eye on the Funke W19.

I believe I will have no problesm to test this magic eye on my Hickok 752A - could some member provide specific guidance to evaluate the condition of some "NOS" tubes from FIVRE???

The Funke W19 card 648 does not list the 6E5GT tube. . . . . .




Martin Renz


0648 =*6E5/6G5 (MA) US=F8 ─> 2+9+14+16+23+39+45+53+68=3,2/4,8mA
│ Prüfdaten   │   Heizung   │ In Stellung 13 Steuerwirkung prüfen.
│Uf :   6,3V≈ │ 6,3V≈/0,30A │    Abstimmanzeiger (6R) + (Oc46)
│Ua&UL:+150V= ├─────────────┘    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
│Ug1: 0 &-2V= │ In Stellung 12+13 muβ das Abstimmfeld leuchten,
└─────────────┘ sonst ist die Röhre unbrauchbar.
 6E5 = 6EG5 = 6U5 = 6H5 = VT-215 ≈ 6G5=6T5=VT-98 ≈ 6S5=6S5G=6X6/G
 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 Achtung: 6E5GT ist in F19 (Oc46) zu prüfen. Diese Ausführung wurde
 ~~~~~~~~ auch vom Oberspreewerk in Berlin nach 1945 unter der Be-
 zeichnung 6E5 hergestellt. Dieselbe Typenbezeichnung wurde vom VEB
 Röhrenwerk Mühlhausen (RFT/DDR) verwendet, deren Type ist jedoch
 in F8 zu prüfen (USA 6-Stift-Sockel mit 2 dicken Heizstiften!).
 Vorsicht: Es gibt auch eine englische Type 6E5 mit Sockel (Au20),
 ~~~~~~~~~    die mit der Endröhre EL2 identisch ist! [DK4UL-11/02]
This is a excerpt from Karl-Friedrich Muellers Book „Das Funke Roehrenmessgeraet W19“

F19 is the socket at the right top corner of the plug field (below F8). The tube should be illuminated in switch position 12 and 13

The numbers in the top line show the position of the plugs needed, 3,2mA is 60% and 4,8mA 100% emmission.


I hope this helps.


Robert Sarbell † 22.3.22

Hello Martin,


I thought this information provided by Herr Mueller's book, and the changes to the card 648, explained the fact that there was produced a "post-War" tuning indicator which had the 6-pin base like the earliest USA productions. and there were even some tubes which had the International Octal base. I was aware of the 6EG5 tube.


There was also produced the Russian and East Germany 6E5S (Cyrillic) tubes – and I have read the information our colleague DJK4UL added to the card.


However, the tubes produced by the FIVRE factory in Italy were using the International octal base - with pin 4 serving as the "fluorescent screen". If that is so, then I was hoping the Italian FIVRE tubes would test properly on the Funke W19. . . . . . but my testing indicates every tube is "totally blind"- no glowing phosphor.


Is it possible that my Funke model W19 does not have the  same tube bases as the model W19S tester – because there is comment about the base Au20. . . . . . .there are only 3 Octal bases on my unit.


I await your reply.



Emilio Ciardiello

Dear Robert,

Ravalico gives the following operating conditions for the 6E5GT Fivre, to have '0' shadow (with 0V on the grid, the shadow is 90degrees):


Va=Vtarget 100V 250V
Rp 0.5Meg 1Meg
Itarget 1.0mA 4.0mA
Vg -3.5V -8V

It should differ from the 6-pin 6E5 just for the base and for a lower target current: 1 and 4mA (at 100 and 250V) vs. 4.5mA.

Hope these values can be useful.

Regards, Emilio

Robert Sarbell † 22.3.22

Dear Emilio,

I understand completely the electrical characteristics and functions for the tube - my original question pertains ONLY to the use of the Funke W19 tester and the applicability of the test setup card number 648.

By following precisely the conditions of setup via pins 2+9+14+16+23+39+45+53+68 (according to the card data), will not cause the illumination of the screen whatsoever on new tubes coming from a NIB  FIVRE tube.

I am presently awaiting 2 of the new FIVRE tubes to test on my Hickok 752A. . . . . the tests I am referring to on the Funke W19 have been performed by an associate. It is most unlikely that his tester is faulty since every other test conducted on the Funke have been without question as accurate and are valid.

NOTE: It is remotely possible that the tubes may have been "totally depleted" of the phosphors - I seriously doubt that and under very dim lighting conditions there can still be some faint glow

Finally - Is it possible that the Funke W19 card still has an error by NOT depicting the pin 4 "schermo fluorescente" according to the FIVRE data sheets. 




Wolfgang Holtmann

Dear Robert

The reason why it doesn't work is simple, the target (I) is not connected to the HV (150V).

According to the information given, the second plug in the upper left corner is wrongly connected to the grid circuitry (9). It should be moved two holes to the left, to position 7, which is the desired HV.

Kind regards.

Robert Sarbell † 22.3.22
  7 Dear Wolfgang, Thank you so VERY much! I had not been able to determine the key to arrive at the pin placement on the cards of the Funke. I now can readily solve the correct issues of tube testing on the Funke tester. Respectfully, Robert
Wolfgang Holtmann

Dear Radiophiles

In post 6 I made a proposal to solve the problem testing a 6E5 GT with the FUNKE W19 card 648.

My earlier statement "wrong" in the drawing attached isn't quite fair, because Funke did not mentioned the 6E5 GT at all, which has a different base and therefore a different pin-out.  

It is the additional text in the describtion of card 648 by K.-F. Müller which gives the wrong impression, that the 6E5 GT may be tested as well, simply by inserting this type in the appropriate octal socket.    

Further on the subject, a proposal of a new card for the 6E5 GT:


This is the configuration for the existing card 648, ment for the 6E5 with the American 6-prong base:




In the German "Röhren-Codex" you will find a penthode 6E5 (made by ULTRON) equivalent to an EL2 (base Au20).  


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