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ID = 3137
Brand: SER, AB Svenska Elektronrör (before Svenska Radio AB); Stockholm
Tube type:  Mag. Ring tuning indicator   Indication 
Identical to 6UG5G
Similar Tubes
Heater different:
Multiple differences or of other kind:

Base Octal (Int.Octal, IO) K8A, USA 1935
Was used by Radio/TV-reception etc.
Filament Vf 6.3 Volts / If 0.3 Ampere / Indirect / Specified voltage AND current AC/DC

The annular display of this tube is unique as it closes from the outer edge and center towards the middle of the circular target, similar as the 6T5.

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Dimensions (WHD)
incl. pins / tip
x 108 x 42 mm / x 4.25 x 1.65 inch
Information source - - Manufacturers Literature   

oc46_g_2~~1.gif 6UG5G: RTT Schwandt
Günther Stabe † 19.8.20

Just Qvigstad
Usage in Models 2= 1943? ; 2= 1943 ; 1= 1944?? ; 7= 1944 ; 18= 1945? ; 15= 1945 ; 2= 1946?? ; 1= 1946? ; 7= 1946 ; 2= 1947? ; 2= 1948? ; 1= 1949?

Quantity of Models at with this tube (valve, valves, valvola, valvole, válvula, lampe):60

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Magic Eye 6UG5G
Lars-G. Lundelin
  1 Hello tube radio friends! A few while ago I got a radio AGA 1654. In this set there's a magic eye tube named: 6UG5G which has been replaced by an EM34. As a purist, I would like to replace this valve again but I couldn't find any infos or details anywhere about the 6UG5G. I tried to get a substitute. but the one I got was the 6U5 (6G5) made in Canada. This tube has a different pin configuration even though it can be used with modifications. Is there any knowledge out there about this tube? With kind regards Lars Lundelin
Mark Hippenstiel

Hello Lars,

the 6U5 and the 6G5 are electrically identical to the 6U5G and 6G5G, but have a different base layout.

The right tube would therefore be one of the latter. 6UG5G is supposed to mean either U or G.

Following the Vademecum, a replacement would also be the Y61, Y62, Y63 or Y64 types(BVA designation).


Jacob Roschy
Hello Lars,
the 6U5G is a rather scarce octal version of the normal 6pin 6U5. If you will use this 6pin 6U5 you have to change the socket.
As for the 6UG5G you will get most probably no replacement.
In this case, the only obtainable substitute will be the Russian 6e5s. In this case some socket wiring modifications are needed, regard base diagrams.
Best Regards,
Lars-G. Lundelin
  4 Hello! Thanks a lot for the information concerning the magic eye tube 6UG5G. Well then I have to admit the fact and go on with the 6U5/6G5 I got from my tube dealer and require another socket. This set (AGA 1654) will be presented here when it is in a working condition. There's still a lot to do. Thanks Best Regards Lars-G. Lundelin
Lars-G. Lundelin
  5 Hi! I think there is something wrong with my browser editor, checking Lars-G Lundelin
Jacob Roschy
Hello Lars,
I just discovered the 6UG5G you are looking for has a different indicating pattern against to the usual magic eye tubes 6E5, 6U5 etc.
It seems to be the same pattern as the even very rare 6T5, which has an annular ring shadow around its center, rather than the conventional angle shadow, see more under
This type of indicator tubes are virtually unavailable today, so its very likely you won't get the optically original replacement. 
Best Regards,
Mark Hippenstiel

Dear Lars,

it troubles me to say that I was misled by my (obviously-not-so-thorough) research to conclude that the 6UG5G would not exist. I have to correct myself and point out that my above statement was mere 'guesswork' and not trustworthy fact. This relates to my interpretation that 6UG5G means either 6U.. or 6G..

So I stand corrected for the time being, but my doubts about the existance of a 6UG5G remain.

For the link that Jacob cites, I can say that this particular tube, while having a unique display, does not bear any markings except the AGA banderole. I have checked this with the owner of the set. So this does prove... nothing. There is also (as can be found by proper internet search) a swedish army material no. assigned to the 6UG5G, but we had that before with the RENS1244.

Until now, it remains a fact that most of the occurences of this tube type concentrate in the scandinavean area and especially Sweden. How many tube producing companies did we have there when this type was being sold?


Edit: Harald Jota has put up some more detailed pictures here. Thanks!

Ernst Erb

Dear Mark
That is the real spirit and I thank you for the effort to contact Harald Jota and his effort to contribute so well taken pictures of this "strange tube". Does he give you permission to use some of the pictures to put them to the tube?

You can keep your doubts until we get a good second source anyway ;-) This is always necessary since we all could generate a "new tube" by fake - for instance on a 1st of April. That happens again and again - specially in internet. As we know for the RENS1244 even official lists can bring errors too.

I still will move this to the 6UG5G and I hope that some Swedish friends or Scandinavien friends will give us further information.

Walter Haring


At least 8 schematics in the Thali schematic colletion list the 6UG5 - on some schematics its even precised "6USGG or 6U5/6G5". In addition 5 schematics refer to 12UG5 tubes.

Brands are Centrum and Luxor (both Swedish radio manufacturers).

Kind regards, Walter Haring

Lars-G. Lundelin
  10 Hello Again! It seems that the 6UG5G indeed is a swedish tube made by LM Ericsson of a sub company named AB Svenska Elektronrör (SER) At least this tube can be found on the SER-list. I have even found a dealer with this tube but don’t know yet whether it’s in stock or not. I will report later on if I succeeded in getting this tube. Kind Regards Lars-G. Lundelin
Peter Olausson

Hello all,

I can confirm that the 6UG5G exists. I just found one (probably used) in my collection.

It's got the marking "SER 6UG5G Made In Sweden" on the glass.

Of course I can upload pictures of it.

Best Regards




Mark Hippenstiel


I have also enquired on the TCA mailing list and got a few responses, but no definitive confirmation from there. That's no surprise however since this association is more US oriented. One of their members pointed out that the tube is listed on Ake Holm's tube data CD.

Harald Jota has given his permission to publish his pictures of the 6UG5G.

It was interesting to track down this type. Thanks to all!

Best regards,

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