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ID = 1670
Brand: Philips; Eindhoven (tubes international!); Miniwatt
Developer: Philips; Eindhoven (tubes international!); Miniwatt 
Tube type:  Vacuum Pentode   Power/Output 
Identical to B443 = LL415 = ME4_362 = R79_5pin = W443 = 425PT = 415QD = 415PT = PP415 = DX3 = J43 = 3P4 = B443O
Similar Tubes
Other shape (e.g. bulb type):
  B443K ; B443N
Normally replaceable-slightly different:
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Other base:
  410PT ; 415PP_4pin ; 415PT_4pin ; 415QD_4pin ; 4GBF ; B443_3SC ; B443_4pin ; B443_UX4pin ; PT415 ; R79 ; RO4243 ; T60_Adzam_4pin ; TB43 ; TL414 ; TU415_4pin
Differences not known by us:
First year Sep.1927 Tube leaflet collection E.Erb Analysis by original leaflets
Predecessor Tubes B443_4pin  
Successor Tubes 1929   C443   RES164   PP430   B443N  

Base Europe 5-Pin , B5 (Eu O, F, O5A) 1928 (Codex=Foo)
Was used by Radio/TV-reception etc.
Filament Vf 4 Volts / If 0.15 Ampere / Direct / Battery =

Output pentode, on market Sept. 1927
Equivalent types: RES174d (Telefunken), L415D (Valvo), PP415 (Tungsram)
Successors: B443S, L416D, RES164
The B443 is the first produced output pentode of the world, introduced by Philips in September 1927. It's amplification and its power output was much higher as with an output triode of equal size. The B443 has established the replacement of output triodes by multiple-grid output tubes. The equivalent Telefunken type RES174d appeared in 1931.
[Jacob Roschÿ, 2003-Jan-14]

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Dimensions (WHD)
incl. pins / tip
x 103 x 50 mm / x 4.06 x 1.97 inch
Tube prices 4 Tube prices (visible for members only)
Information source - - Manufacturers Literature   
L'ABCDaire des lampes de TSF des jeunes années   p. 43
Babani, International Radio Tube Encyclopaedia
Taschenbuch zum Röhren-Codex 1948/49

B443: Philips Innfo
Willy De Grande

4.png B443: Telefunken Werkstattbuch
Wolfgang Bauer

Just Qvigstad
B443: Philips Röhren Daten 1933
Peter Hoddow

More ...
Usage in Models 2= 1927?? ; 3= 1927? ; 12= 1927 ; 5= 1928?? ; 13= 1928? ; 35= 1928 ; 9= 1929?? ; 12= 1929? ; 49= 1929 ; 8= 1930?? ; 8= 1930? ; 58= 1930 ; 4= 1931? ; 42= 1931 ; 3= 1932? ; 21= 1932 ; 1= 1933?? ; 1= 1933? ; 6= 1933 ; 2= 1934? ; 3= 1934 ; 1= 1935?? ; 1= 1935? ; 3= 1935 ; 2= 1936 ; 1= 1937?? ; 1= 1937? ; 1= 1937 ; 1= 1938?? ; 3= 1938 ; 1= 1940?? ; 1= 9999

Quantity of Models at with this tube (valve, valves, valvola, valvole, válvula, lampe):313

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B443N Tube
Ottó Jancsek


I have a B443N. See the attachment. I haven't found a page for it.

Did I miss something?

Best regards,



Jacob Roschy

Hi Ottó,

a B443N is nowhere mentioned and its meaning is unknown, perhaps it is due to its vertical structure.

A page for it is now created.

Best Regards,

Wolfgang Holtmann

Good morning Ottó and Jacob

I started an inquiry in the Dutch Radio-Forum about this tube.

Because the original one was on the market as from 1927, the kind of internal construction was discontinued in the later years.

On the other hand, there was still a need for replacement in the older radio sets. So Philips started a new production line, but with a more modern technique. The letter "N" was added which means new, although the electrical performance should be equal to the genuine B443.


Jacob Roschy

Hello everybody,

My assumption was in the right direction, as the vertical structure is a modernised version.

At Philips tubes the suffix "N" indicates a new, modernised or improved version of a tube.

Best known is the EL3N, an improved version of the older EL3. Today one can find much more EL3Ns then the original EL3. As soon as the EL3N appeared, it has completely displaced the EL3 !

In contradiction to EL3 vs. EL3N is this the first time I saw a B443N ever. The production number of B443Ns must have been quite low.

Best Regards,

Wolfgang Holtmann

Best known is the EL3N, an improved version of the older EL3. Today one can find much more EL3Ns then the original EL3. As soon as the EL3N appeared, it has completely displaced the EL3 !

In addition to what is said above:
Later on, Philips produced the improved EL3N but often left out the letter "N".




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B443 (B443)
Gian-Fausto Balestra

La valvola B443 viene utilizzata anche per il modello 6 della radio Televox_CH 6 anno 1925

Probabilmente la valvola B443  utilizzata nel modello 6 della Televox é stata sostituita all'originale.

Sarebbe opportuno trovare lo schema  o la documentazione  dell'epoca per vdere quali valvole venivano impiegate all'origine. L'apparecchio della mia collezione data del 1925.

Jacob Roschy
Hallo Gian-Fausto,

This is impossible, since the B443 was introduced in September 1927.

Best Regards,
Jacob Roschÿ

Ciao Gian-Fausto,

questo è impossibile, poiché il B443 è stato introdotto nel mese di settembre del 1927.
Jacob Roschÿ
Gian-Fausto Balestra

Hallo Jacob,

Thanks for your observation

Best Regards,

Gian-Fausto Balestra

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