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Adams-Morgan Co. (AMCO); Upper Montclair, N.J

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Name: Adams-Morgan Co. (AMCO); Upper Montclair, N.J    (USA)  
Paradyne || Paragon
Abbreviation: adams-morg
Products: Model types

Adams-Morgan Co. (AMCO); 16 Alvin Pl. and 20 Ave., Upper Montclair, N.J.

Paragon, Paradyne.

Founded: 1909
Production: - 1927
Alfred Powell Morgan formed a partnership with Adams as a silent partner. He started with mail-order business in wireless components. In 1915 Paul Forman Godley bought in as a one-third partner.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  14 AMCO Spark Coil Type B   Amco Spark Coil Them Amco Spark Coils were available in various sizes. No. 7411 1... 
USA  15 Amco Crystal Detector No. 7714   The Adams Morgan No. 7714 Amco Crystal Detector was also available as Model No. 7715 with ... 
USA  15 Amco Simplex Loose Coupler No. 2060   Adams Morgan Amco Simplex Loose Coupler 
USA  15 Amco Special Wireless Receiving Outfit RF10   Adams Morgan Jeweler Time Receiver 
USA  15 Amco Simplex Receiving Outfit No. 2024   Adams Morgan Amco Simplex Receiving Outfit 
USA  16 Amco Navy Type Receiving Set No. RA10   This Adams-Morgan Company model consisted of a Navy Style Receiving Transformer (loose ... 
USA  15 Amco Receiving Transformer No. 7720   Adams Morgan AMCO Receiving Transformer No. 7720 
USA  16 Long Wave Receiving Transformer Type L   Adams Morgan Paragon Long Wave Receiving Transformer Type "L" 
USA  16 N-E-L Receiving Transformer Type X   Adams Morgan Paragon N-E-L (No-End-Loss) Receiving Transformer Type "X" 
USA  16 N-E-L Receiving Transformer Type S   Adams Morgan Paragon N-E-L (No-End-Loss) Receiving Transformer 
USA  24 Paragon Crystal Set (replica/fake?) Model D-X-1   This Adams Morgan Paragon Crystal Set is a possible "fake" reproduction radio.  An... 
USA  24 Paragon IIIA (Paragon3A) [Early 1924]   Repacked version of the RB2A.   


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December 1916 QST advertisement for Adams-Morgan Co.tbn_usa_paragon_ad_dec1916qst.jpg
June 1921 Radio News magazine page 919tbn_usa_adamsmorgan_paragon_ad_june21radnews.jpg
August 1916 Electrical Experimenter advertisement inside rear covertbn_usa_adamsmorganaugust1916_adelectricalexper..jpg
Radio Broadcast, Jul. 1923, p. 263tbn_usa_paragon.jpg
January 1917 Popular Science Monthly magazine advertisement page 130tbn_usa_adamsmorgan_1917_loosecoupler_jan1917popularsciencemonthly_page_130.jpg

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Adams-Morgan Co. (AMCO); Upper Montclair, N.J
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Adams-Morgan / Paragon
Konrad Birkner † 12.08.2014

Alfred Powell Morgan (1889-1972) schrieb mehr als ein Dutzend Bücher über drahtlose Technik (1910-1943), gründete Adams-Morgan etwa 1910 als Versandhaus  für Funk-Bauteile.

Paul Forman Godley, der Entwickler des Paragon-Receivers, kam 1915 als Dritter hinzu, um dieses Gerät zu vermarkten.

1922 / 23 arbeiteten 50-100 Angestellte / Arbeiter in der Firma. Nach wirtschaftlichen Problemen wurde die Produktion Ende 1927 eingestellt.

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Adams-Morgan Co. (AMCO); Upper Montclair, N.J
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