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History of the radio manufacturer  

Canadian Marconi Co. Ltd. (CMC); Montreal

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Name: Canadian Marconi Co. Ltd. (CMC); Montreal    (CDN )    
alternative name:
CMC Canada || Marconi, Canada
Abbreviation: canadia-ma  
Products: Model types  
Summary: Canadian Marconi Company Ltd.:
Successor of 1903 founded "Marconi Wireless Telegraph of Canada Ltd.", Montreal. Today it is named CMC Electronics Inc. and the company's principal locations are in Montreal, Quebec; Ottawa, Ontario; and Chicago, Illinois.

Company history: see if you want further details.

Founded: 1925

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
CDN  38/39 127 1C7G  A battery either 1.5 V air cell or 2 V rechargeable. you forgot the IF and the speaker ... 
CDN  34/35 59 6D6      
CDN  35/36 60A 34   
CDN  34/35 58 6D6      
CDN  34/35 55 6D6  Two dynamic speakers; Overload indicator.   
CDN  31/32 28 Bantam 35   
CDN  34 48 6C6  Vibrator for +B.     
CDN  54/55 365   Available in Walnut, Mahogany and Limed Oak. 
CDN  54/55 378   Available in Walnut, Mahogany and Limed Oak. 
CDN  54/55 376   Available in Walnut, Mahogany and Blond Oak. 
CDN  31/32 26-SW 224  Separate short-wave converter.   
CDN  31/32 26 235   


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Canadian Marconi Co. Ltd. (CMC); Montreal
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Marconi radio model 168
Cec Aube

I would like to replace the present speaker (not original?) with an original. Who was the manufacturer and any other details. The model in now is a Magnavox 12 inch 910 Ohms. Is it the original. Where can I buy an orifinal? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Michael Watterson

Actually your questtion should be at the Model

Canadian Marconi 168

It would be good too if you uploaded photos to the model!

Just a reminder the photos should be 933 pixel wide and up to 1400 high (use this to get a larger 1400 high and up to 933 of the chassis wiring), no flash or reflections from lamp or sun.

  • Front view (3/4) Angled about 10% of top and side.
  • For Radio models: Straight view of scale without cutting of bits, no angling
  • Rear panel
  • Model writing /plates / labels
  • Inside with rear panel off
  • Top view of chassis angled
  • For Radio Models: Detail of drive cord arrangement
  • Bottom view of wiring before modification as well as after if desired.
  • For Record players, Radiograms, taperecorders etc there should be photos of the "deck" and parts.

See also From Help on restoration on Front page.

Good Photographs (Martin Renz, Germany).
Irfanview for Prepairing Photos (Konrad Birkner, Germany).
Irfanview for Schematics (F.-J. Haffner, Germany).
NEW: Formatting Pictures with Irfanview 4.33 (John Kusching, USA).
NEW: Uploading a Picture to RadioMuseum (John Kusching, USA).

It may be similar to a UK model. But hard to tell without photos.




Canadian Marconi Co. Ltd. (CMC); Montreal
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