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History of the manufacturer  

GEC, General Electric Co Ltd., GENALEX; London

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Name: GEC, General Electric Co Ltd., GENALEX; London    (GB)  
Abbreviation: gec
Products: Model types Tube manufacturer
GEC is the most popular name for General Electric Co.Ltd., Magnet House, Kingsway, London WC2.
They used the Trade Names GECOPHONE for their Wireless equipment and GECOVALVE (or Geco) for the valves. Therefore the Brand Name Gecophone is often mistaken for the Company, and widely used.

The Osram division of GEC (at Hammersmith) made lamps from 1895 and from the  1930's made a small range of radio dial/panel lamps.  

The usual abbreviation is G.E.C., but we must not use an isolated character to start with. Search would fail.

In Australia, GEC radio and electrical appliances carried the tradename GENALEX. In the UK in the 1950's, the name GENALEX was used for the series of audio  tubes which were hand made custom tubes for the audio industry. There were several dozen of these tubes made for quite a number of years.  More recently some of these tubes have been made in Russia. 

In 1886 GEC was formed out of General Electric Apparatus Co. which was founded in 1880.
In 1961 GEC merged with Sobell The company celebrated its centenary in 1986. It was sold to Rexcell (France) a few years after this.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
GB  74 2137 A51-110X  9 IC, Screen 12 inch. UHF tuner: Varicap, covering channels 21 to 68. 6 push-button, pree-... 
GB  76 Television 3135   VCT72 UHF tuner, Mullard ELC1043/06 tuner. 
GB  32 Carnival All-Electric Radio-Gramophone BC3338 MS4B  A radiogram based on the "Gala" model, the turntable fitted is a slow-speed rotor type. Th... 
GB  22 Gecophone Two-valve Cabinet Set (Smoker's Cabinet) BC2001 R_England  BBC/PMC stamp; PMG No.2000 To be used at user's choice with one or two 2000&Ome... 
GB  31 Gecophone BC3240 MS4  Local/Distance Switch 
GB  23 Gecophone BC2501   GPO Reg.No.2201; Wave change by plug-in coils. 
GB  25 The Unit Crystal Detector   Glass enclosed galena/cats whisker detector stand. Socle ébonite dimensions fournies - lai... 
GB  22 Gecophone Crystal Detector Set No.1 BC1002 [Enclosed Detector]   Enclosed cat´s whisker detector. BBC/PMG stamp, GPO No.102; LW by plug in Loading Co... 
GB  23/23 Gecophone Two-Stage LF-Amplifier BC2580 R_England  BBC/PMG stamp; GPO No.3360. This unit has been designed as a companion to the Geco... 
GB  23/23 Gecophone BC3400 R_England  4-valve combination set, consisting of BC 2001 sitting on top of BC 2580. Wave change... 
GB  22 Gecophone Crystal Detector Set No.2 BC1501   BBC/PMG stamp; GPO No.103; optional plug in loading coils for LW; very early (pre BBC) set... 
GB  99 Doublet to ID= 76011+ 76587    


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

1933 Service Notestbn_gb_gecradio_1933_logo.jpg
Logo "Four"tbn_gb_gec_four_logo.jpg
Gecophones were sold in Australia. From the "Sydney Morning Herald". September 22, 1923.tbn_aus_bge_gecophone_ad_1923~~1.jpg
Source: Elektrótechnika, budapest, 1918.05.15.tbn_gb_gec_osram_public.jpg
Source: Elektrotechnika, 1911, Budapest.tbn_gb_gec_advert_1911.jpg
Amateur Wireless 5. October 1929 Page 464tbn_gb_gec_public_1929.jpg
Zalytron catalog November 1968tbn_gold_lion_tube_ad_zalytron_catalog_168_nov._1968.jpg


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