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History of the manufacturer  

MILITARY U.S. (different makers for same model)

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Name: MILITARY U.S. (different makers for same model)    (USA)  
Abbreviation: military

Here we list radios and other military communications equipment that has produced not only by one but by several companies under contracts.

In many cases, You cannot simply identify the maker from a logo, sometimes, the model information tag carries the name of the maker.
Many sets carry a number / letter designation. In cases a set carries an individual designation number (for example BC-348), You will use this as model type and the designation of the complete wireless station (for example SCR-287) as model name.
From many models, there exist different variants with individual suffix letters (for example BC-348-P). We list here (MILITARY) the generic model with -(*) as suffix, with the asterisk standing for different suffix letters (for example BC-348-(*)).
Please consider using "Commercial receiver" for receiving equipment, "Transmitter" or "Transmitter / Receiver" for transmitting equipment, "Repair equipment" or "Military equipment" for other telecommunications equipment for military use.
There will be military equipment with a maker, that can be easily identified or that is only produced by one single company. You might consider searching for these sets in the complete database and upload these sets under the producing company.
In case there is an existing entry in database for a model unter a different brand, please make a remark or a link in the "remarks" field, to cross-link the relevant model pages.
In case, there is a huge number of different variants of a model, consider a text forum entry with explanations to show and explain the differences.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  16 Navy Radio Receiver Type AB   Récepteur pour la marine. gamme d'onde 600 à 6500 m. 1916 Navy Radio Receiver One of th... 
USA  42–44 Valve Case for No. 48 Set 1A5GT  Kleine Blechkiste, enthält den vollständigen Röhrensatz für das Funkgerät Wireless Set No.... 
USA  41 Radio Receiver GF-11    
USA  46 ENIAC - Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer 6SN7  The ENIAC was the first electronic digital universal computer built at Pennsylvania Uni... 
USA  55 Field Telephone EE-8-B-GY    
USA  40 Radio Receiver and Transmitter TBY-1 (military) CAY-43007    
USA  67 Telephone Set TA-312/PT   The Telephone Set TA-312/PT is a two wire, battery-operated field telephone. It may be ... 
USA  87 Telephone Set TA-1/PT   The Telephone Set TA-1/PT is a lightweight, sound-powered field telephone for use with ... 
USA  17–22 Air Cooled Spark Gap (Military) Navy Type SE 3533   This is a spark gap for a U.S. Navy spark transmitter which is cooled and quenched by forc... 
USA  45 Amplifier (military) AM-93/TI 6SF5  Dual mono power amplifier for PA, made by Stromberg-Carlson. 
USA  41 Radio Receiver (military) RAL-5    
USA  41 Radio Receiver (military) RAK-5    


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By courtesy of Gerhard Buck, DJ3YR. Picture from the US journal "Electronics", 1942.tbn_us_army_bc611_walkie_talkie_in_electronics_1942.png