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Broadcasting station - Ungarn

Country H Language Created on 22.Nov.2005

Radio Budapest
auch Magyar Katolikus Radio (ex Siófok)

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Interval Signal (IS) / Identification (ID) Andere / Others 1:30 MP3  237.68 KB
Karl-Heinz Bradtmöller   25.Nov.2005
Record date Sep.1967
Recorded by Karl-Heinz Bradtmöller
Recording device AEG WU1052
KW. Aufnahmeort: Köln.
H_Ungarn_Radio_Budapest.jpg (167688)
Werner Raacke11.Jan.2006
QSL-Sammlung Raacke
QSL-Karte von Radio Budapest, 1970.
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Interval Signal (IS) / Identification (ID) Andere / Others 00:10 MP3  98.85 KB
Sándor Selyem-Tóth   09.Apr.2009
Model Station identification machine No.1
Tomcsányi Béla; Budapest
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Music Andere / Others 00:10 MP3  218.75 KB
Sándor Selyem-Tóth   09.Apr.2009
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Interval Signal (IS) / Identification (ID) Andere / Others 00:28 MP3  111.18 KB
Sándor Selyem-Tóth   14.Apr.2009
Model Station identification machine
Mechanikai Laboratórium (ML); Budapest
Kossuth Radio Budapest, Signal.
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Interval Signal (IS) / Identification (ID) Andere / Others 12 Sekunden MP3  146.15 KB
Record date 30.Dec.2018
Recorded by Eilert Menke
Recording device SSB LAN-SDR
Die Amateurfunkstelle HA8RM ruft CQ DX

Dieser Anruf bedeutet, daß HA8RM eine Verbindung zu einer Gegenstation von einem anderen Kontinent, also außerhalb Europas sucht. Aufgenommen gegen 22.20 UTC auf der Frequenz 3506 kHz, Betriebsart CW, ZF-Bandbreite 1,3 kHz.
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Speech Andere / Others 10min47s MP3  1.84 MB
Hermann Scharfetter   23.Oct.2021
Record date 30.Dec.2006
Recorded by Hermann Scharfetter
Recording device Special method, see text
This clip is part of a group of 15 channels recorded simultaneously on 30.12.2006.
All audio tracks start 57 sec. before midnight and run synchronously with the tuning-through video. Audio Clip - #6041 , according to the illustration in the attached image.

Parallele Clips:

Audio Clip #6061 DLF (D)
Audio Clip #6062 Option Musique (CH)
Audio Clip #6063 München (D)
Audio Clip #6064 RNE (E)
Audio Clip #6065 Radio China (PRC)
Audio Clip #6066 Ungarn (H)
Audio Clip #6067 Hilversum NPO Radio 10Gold (NL)
Audio Clip #6068 Hilversum NPO Radio 5 (NL)
Audio Clip #6069 Rai (I)
Audio Clip #6070 MDR (D)
Audio Clip #6071 AFN
Audio Clip #6072 Hrvatski radio (HR)
Audio Clip #6073 Radio Sopje (MK)
Audio Clip #6074 SWR (D)
Audio Clip #6075 RFI (F)

The clips are from an analogue wideband recording of the entire medium wave band with a video recorder, based on a suggestion by Jakob Roschy in 2005 Durchstimmen eines Radios - im www hörbar gemacht.

After digitisation in March 2021, the clips were extracted using a software-defined radio (STM125-14, Red Pitaya), see post 10 in Recording the ges. LW- + MW -Band.
stationsdiagramm_englisch~~7.png (2697416)
Hermann Scharfetter27.Oct.2021
own drawing (H. Scharfetter)
time course of scanning through the stations in the video

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