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Emmco Sydney

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Name: Emmco Sydney    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: emmco
Products: Model types

Electricity Meter Manufacturing Co. Ltd

1914: 41 Dixon Street, Sydney

1915: Wentworth Ave, Surry Hills,  Sydney

1921: 29-31 Burton Street, Darlinghust, Sydney

1924:  Factory, Australia Street, Camperdown, Sydney.

1928: New Factory, Joynton Avenue, Waterloo, NSW.


Electricity Meter Manufacturing Co. Ltd (EMMCO) was a large manufacturer of radios and other electrical equipment. They made radios under their own name until 1936, but continued manufacturing using Philco, Westinghouse and later, Airzone brand names. They also used the Gulbransen name. Their chassis were used also in National (QLD), Rexonola and other radios.

Emmco was registered as a company on the 21 March, 1921.

The directors were listed as; J Schartl, E Shultz & J Bryden Brown.

Founded: 1913
Production: 1925 - 1955
Documents about this manufacturer/brand
  Emmco Troubadour 1931 Catalogue. 2703 KB

In 1913 Schartl commenced activities in a rented room in Sydney. A few months later he was joined by E Shulz. They advertised as Manufacturing Electricians. By 1915 they moved to a factory in Wentworth Avenue to manufacture electrical products. In 1921 they moved to 29-31 Burton Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney.

In April 1924 they opened a factory in Camperdown to manufacture electricity meters. They gradually extended their range to petrol pumps, radio accessories such as battery eliminators and headphones, and also radio components. By the time they moved to a new, bigger, factory in 1928 at Waterloo, they were making complete radios and chassis.

The new factory in Waterloo, Sydney was set up to manufacture products, on mass production lines.

On 30 November 1934, the company merged with New Systems Telephone Pty. Ltd. and the name was changed to Electricity Meter and Allied Industries Limited, (EMAIL) but the radios were still branded Emmco.

In 1936 Philco came to Australia and Email manufactured them for Philco. Australian-made Philcos bore little resemblance to US Philco radios but they did make an Australian version of the Philco "Mystery Control" wireless remote controlled receivers.

Westinghouse brand radios were made by Email up until 1938.

In 1946 Email absorbed Airzone and from 1948 on Airzone and Philco chassis were the same.

Production of radios seems to have stopped after 1955 but the manufacture of white goods continued. 

This manufacturer was suggested by Stuart Irwin.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  35 AW9015 6D6  This radio has variable selectivity and a variable noise suppression circuit. The output ... 
AUS  33 Jewel 453 57   
AUS  34 Troubadour B64A 34   
AUS  30/31 Troubadour Five Valve Electric Console A.C.5 unknown_Tube  Troubadour Five Valve Electric Console 6 valve, AC powered TRF receiver in a Console ca... 
AUS  35 AWB95 15  This radio tunes three bands: 16 to 38 metres, 36 to 85 metres, and broadcast. 
AUS  35 M455 6A7  This radio is in an unusual cabinet that looks like a console but is quite small. Midge... 
AUS  34 Troubadour V94 15  The bands are; 16-40 metres, 40-80 metres and broadcast band. 
AUS  35 D564    
AUS  35 D565 6D6   
AUS  35 C455 6A7  Aero type dial calibrated in kilocycles with square escutcheon. 
AUS  35 B455 6A7  Aero dial with circular escutcheon, calibrated in kilocycles. 
AUS  35 R455 6A7  Aero dial. 


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

Emmco advertisement from "West Australian Wireless News", May 4 1935. Image sourced from Trove – National Library of Australiatbn_aus_emmco_advert_1935.jpg
As advertised in "west Australian Wireless News" December 14, 1935tbn_aus_emmco_car_radio_ad_1935.jpg
Advertisement from the October 7, 1927 edition of "Wireless Weekly" for radio components for sale and manufactured by Emmco. Image sourced from Trove – National Library of Australiatbn_aus_emmco_parts_ad.png
1934 EMMCO Ad.tbn_aus_emmco_ad_1934.jpg
From the “Mercury”,(Tas.), June 6, 1936. Image sourced from Trove – National Library of Australiatbn_aus_emmco_1936_radios.jpg
Emmco manufactured multi gang tuning capacitors with twin dials, 1925tbn_aus_emmco_drum_control_advert_1926.jpg
Emmco factory from the Emmco Radio Handbook 1927 edition.tbn_aus_emmco_factory_1927handbook.jpg
In July 1924, EMMCO opened a new factory at Australia street, Camperdown, Sydney. From the EMMCO 1928 radio Handbook.tbn_aus_emmco_camperdown_factory.jpg
Cover of the EMMCO 1928 radio Handbook.tbn_aus_emmco_handbook_1928.jpg
Advertisement stating that EMAIL is capitalised at AUS£1,000,000 and employees close to 1000 staff. From Smiths Weekly, 8 May 1937, page 42.tbn_aus_emmco_ad_smiths_weekly_8_5_37p42.jpg
Registration of the Electricity Meter Manufacturing Co. Ltd. From The Construction & Local Government Journal NSW, 4 April 1921, page 11. Image sourced from Trove – National Library of Australiatbn_aus_emmco_registered_construction_and_local_government_journal_nsw_4_4_1921_p11.jpg
Company merged with NST and the name was changed to Electricity Meter and Allied Industries Limited, (EMAIL) From The Age (VIC), 5 12 1934, page 18. Image sourced from Trove – National Library of Australiatbn_aus_emmco_merger_reg_age_v_5_12_1934p18.jpg
Advertisement on the expansion of EMAIL listing capital and company acquisitions up till 1947. From Smiths financial News (NSW), 1 March 1947, Page 13. Image sourced from Trove – National Library of Australiatbn_aus_emmco_notice_smith_fin_news_1_3_47p13.jpg
The various type of EMMCO Eliminators produced in 1927/28. Queensland Radio News May 5, 1928, Page 39tbn_aus_emmco_qld_radio_news_may_5_1928_page_39.jpg
1931 Troubadour Mantel Receivers Emmco Troubadour 1931 Catalogue, Page 3.tbn_aus_emmco_troubadour_mantel_receivers_1931.jpg
Emmco Troubadour receivers A.C.5. and A.C.3 1931 Advert. Wireless Weekly Feb 6, 1931, Page 36. Image sourced from Trove – National Library of Australiatbn_aus_emmco_wireless_weekly_feb_6_1931_page_36.jpg
Moving to a the new factory in 1928. Wireless Weekly Mar 28, 1928, Page 15. Image sourced from Trove – National Library of Australiatbn_aus_emmco_wireless_weekly_mar_28_1928_page_15.jpg

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Emmco Sydney
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EMMCO, Schartl and Schultz early history 1926.
Gary Cowans

A Prominent Engineer

Radio users who are familiar with the famous Emmco radio parts will probably be interested to know something of the company that is responsible for the manufacture of radio products of such indisputable efficiency. Mr. J. Schartl, managing director of the Electricity Meter Manufacturing Company, Limited, is one of the most interesting personalities of the engineering world in Australia to-day.

Born at Vienna, in October 1884, and educated a that city, he spent 12 years in the largest engineering organisation in Europe, in association with Siemens, Halske, of Vienna, Siemens Bros., at Berlin, A.E.G., and with Siemens, Schuckert, Berlin. He also spent some time at Budapest, and with Ziess and Co., of Jena-manufacturers of the world-famous glasses. In 1911, Mr. Schartl arrived in Australia and was appointed to the Postmaster General's Department, where he spent two years in the telegraph operating room. Two years later he commenced the business of general engineering, being joined in this by Mr. Schultz, also now a director of the Electricity Meter Manufacturing Company, Ltd. The premises occupied by the partners eventually becoming too small, they moved into larger ones in Wentworth Avenue, and, two years later, from thence to a larger factory at Darlinghurst.

During the whole of this period, Mr. Schartl was endeavouring to concentrate his engineering ability upon some particular product which could be manufactured here under mass production methods, and which would fulfil a definite need in Australia.

Finally, he decided upon the electricity meter, which to-day is used in house lighting service right throughout the Commonwealth. It should be remembered that at the time production of the famous Beta watt-hour meter was commenced, £150,000 worth of meters were being imported into the. Commonwealth annually.

So, from the company of Schartl and Schultz, has now grown the tremendous organisation known as the Electricity Meter Manufacturing Company, Limited which gives employment to 500 Australian workers and it has been said by visiting experts, that the system employed in the huge factory. premises of the company is the finest and most efficient in Australia which speaks volumes for the wonderful organising ability of its managing director.

Only last year, Mr. Schartl returned from a nine-month tour of the world, during which he inspected all the big American, British, and European engineering concerns, with a view to perfecting the manufacturing organisation of his own company in Australia. His experience is fully reflected in the efficiency of the factory now turning out Emmco parts.

The Queensland Radio News, September 1, 1926, page 34.

Emmco Sydney
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