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History of the manufacturer  

Akrad Radio Corporation; Waihi

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Name: Akrad Radio Corporation; Waihi    (NZ)  
Abbreviation: akradradio
Products: Model types Others

Akrad Radio Corporation Ltd. Waihi, New Zealand

Founded by Mr. Keith Marsden Wrigley.

Known brands were Pacific, Futura, Fivestar, Regent, Pye, Clipper, Air Ranger, Astor etc.

They manufactured radios, parts, coils & transformers as well as other items such as tricycles.

Some models use a number-letter-number chassis code, which decodes to the valve count, the cabinet type and the year of introduction.  For example:

Clipper 5M4: 5 valve set, Mantel design, Introduced in 1954


Founded: 1932
In 1949 they approached Pye UK (with TV developments in mind). Pye then took a shareholding.

Later Pye took a controlling interest. Pye brought to New Zealand a complete television transmitting station which for several years remained the only demonstration unit of its kind in the country for the Queen's visit in 1953. For some years this was the only N.Z. TV station.

In 1955 the Pye Group in New Zealand purchased G.A. Wooller and Co. Ltd. and Green and Cooper Ltd. Akrad then became Pye Ltd (NZ). Akrad remaining the group's principal manufacturing unit.

This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
NZ  69 Astor Centurion   All transistor, stereo radiogram with a Garrard Model 3000 fully automatic turntable. S... 
NZ  46 Pacific Pathfinder 516 6V6GT   
NZ  51 Regent 6PE ECH21   
NZ  54 Clipper 5M4 ECH42  The first plastic radio to be fully designed and manufactured in New Zealand (other mod... 
NZ  40 Aladdin   Built-in lamp. 40 W power consumption. 
NZ  50 Clipper 725    
NZ  50 Pacific mains/battery unknown 1T4  Painted aluminium case, flip lid and leather carry strap/handle. The LT connector l... 
NZ  48 Regent 527   Regent 527; Tone control, phono-in & ext. speaker terminal. 
NZ  62 Clipper Transistor 3460   Akrad Clipper Transistor (3460 unproven type); Red or blue leather coated cabinet over a ... 
NZ  48 Pacific 511   Akrad Pacific 511; Ivory colored.