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Maxon America Inc.; Kansas City (MO)

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Name: Maxon America Inc.; Kansas City (MO)    (USA)  
Abbreviation: maxonameri
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Maxon America Inc.; Kansas City, MO

Maxon America, Inc. was founded in Kansas City, Missouri in 1987 as a successor to Maxon Electronics, North America, Inc.  It was an importer of CB radios, 2-way radios, and wireless data products initially manufactured by Maxon Telecon Ltd, Seoul, South Korea.  The company was merged with TecNet International, Inc., Lenexa, Kansas in 2017.

Maxon products were also sold at times by Midland Radio and General Electric (Communications Division) and possibly others.

Note that Maxon Electronics, Inc., Bronx, NY sold test related products and is not an affiliated company (dissolution 1978).


Founded: 1987

Maxon Telecom Co., Ltd. was founded in 1974 in Seoul, South Korea as an OEM manufacturer of consumer electronics.  A predecessor to Maxon America, Inc., was also established in 1974 (in Missouri) as Maxon’s only U.S.-based company to provide research, development, engineering, importing and selling Maxon products in America.

Although Maxon Telecom Co., Ltd. was founded in South Korea, over the years it expanded its international offices to Australia, Singapore and Europe.  Manufacturing facilities also expanded to Thailand, Philippines, and multiple locations in South Korea.  In 2004, Chongho Information & Communications Company (CIC) acquired Maxon’s Two-Way Radio Division and created Maxon CIC in Seoul, South Korea to supply radios for export.

While TecNet International, Inc. was incorporated in Missouri (2000), its principal office was at 11535 W 63rd Terrace, Lenexa, Kansas.  It was founded to sell Maxon radios in North America, while Topaz3, LLC was incorporated in Missouri (1999) to sell Maxon radios in South America.  TecNet remained a Missouri company until it was dissolved in late 2016, in preparation for merging with Maxon America in 2017. Tecnet was also incorporated in Kansas (2004) for the import and distribution of 2-way radios, and remains incorporated in Kansas (2022).

There were several Maxon company changes (US) that occurred over the years and several related companies all had the same original address until the merger with TecNet in 2017.

Related companies at the same address (listed chronologically):
(10828 N.W. Airworld Drive, KC, MO 64153 unless otherwise listed)

Maxon Electronics, North America, Inc.; (1974?-1987). Name changed to Maxon America, Inc. (1987).

Maxon Systems, Inc.; (1984-1993).  Merged with Maxon America, Inc. (1993).

Maxon America, Inc.; (1987-2001).  Merged with TecNet International, Inc. (2017).

Maxon Electronics Corporation of America, Inc.; (1991-1992).  Merged with Maxon America, Inc. (1992).

Maxon U.S., Ltd.; (1991-1993).  Dissolution by Voluntary Action (1993).

Topaz 3, LLC; (1999-2003?).  Spin off of Maxon America, Inc. (1999) with exclusive license to sell Maxon’s commercial 2-way communications, UHF, VHF radios to North America.  Merged with Midland Radio Corp. which later stopped selling Maxon radios.

TecNet International, Inc., 11535 W. 83rd Terrace, Lenexa, KS; (2000-current [2022]).  Established to sell Maxon’s commercial 2-way communications, UHF, VHF radios to South America and later North America.  Merged with Maxim America, Inc. (2017).



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This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  96 Wideband VHF/UHF SL-70   Maxon SL-70 Wideband VHF/UHF; Handheld transceiver. Made in Korea 
USA  81–87 Maxcom 7E Alert Mobile Transceiver   Maxon Electronics Co. Ltd. Maxcom 7E Alert Mobile Transceiver; 27 MHz, FM, 40 channels, 4... 
USA  89 CP-1015   Maxon CP-1015 VHF Hand-Held; Made in Korea 
USA  88 UHF Power Amplifier CA-1462   Maxon UHF Power Amplifier CA-1462; Made in Korea 
USA  95 Numeric Display Pager DM-150V   Maxon Numeric Display Pager DM-150V; 
USA  89 VHF Power Amplifier CA-1461   Maxon VHF Power Amplifier CA-1461; Made in Korea 
USA  93 Drop-in charger CA-1110A    
USA  82 VHF Transceiver CP-0510   144-174 MHz, 4 Channels; 5W RF out. Made in Korea 
USA  86 FM 2-Way Helmet Radio with Intercom 49-HI   49 MHz. Set of FM 2-Way Communicator & Head Set. Made in Korea. 
USA  82 UHF Transceiver CP-0520   460-470 MHz, 4 channels, 5W RF out. Made in Korea 
USA  94 HCB-10   40 Channels of CB, RFout 4W. Made in Thailand 
USA  93 Personal Communicator Portable 2-Way Radio 49-SX   Freq. range : 49.830 - 49.890 MHz  Made in Philippines 


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