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History of the manufacturer  

Grigsby-Grunow (-Hinds) Co. (Majestic pre 1933); Chicago (IL)

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Name: Grigsby-Grunow (-Hinds) Co. (Majestic pre 1933); Chicago (IL)    (USA)  
Ellswood || Ford-Majestic || Havenwood || Majestic (pre 1933) || Treasure Chest
Abbreviation: grigsby-g
Products: Model types

Grigsby-Grunow Co., 5801 Dickens Ave., Chicago, Illinois, USA.
The subsequent use of Majestic as a Trade name and later as a Company name makes a correct notation somewhat difficult. At some time you find also the name Grigsby-Grunow-Hinds Co. at 4540 Armitage Avenue in Chicago and at the same time (Advertisment for Majestic A&B Current Supply) is found "In Canadas: Benjamin Electric Mfg. Co. of Canada Ltd., Toronto."

Model types (e.g.Majestic as model name)pre 1933 are here to find.
Models made by "Majestic Radio and Television" are post 1932 and belong there.
Models named "Grunow" are also post 1932. They belong to "General Household Utilities.

Please be extremely careful not to confuse manufacturer and trade names !

Founded: 1921
Closed: 1933
Production: 1928 - 1932

Founded in 1927, the Company used the trade name Majestic (and others). Around 1933 it went bankrupt. It was succeeded by two follow-up companies:
Majestic Radio and Television Corporation, which carried on the Majestic name, and
General Household Utilities, which carried on the Grunow name.

Careful for brands: for instance Ellswood, Havenwood and other "-wood" names are cabinets for the model 15 only, not trade names.

Grigsby-Grunow was licensed in Oct. 3 1929 for vacuum tube manufacture, see Majestic tubes.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  30 Majestic 130 Ch= 130-A [220 VAC] 24  Possibly an export version of the Majestic 130 for 220 VAC.  
USA  32 Unknown (export) 6A7  This radio has a cabinet that is very similar to the Majestic Madison 291, but the chassis... 
USA  33 45   Export model for European markets. 
USA  31/32 Majestic 260A   Version importée en France 
USA  30 Majestic Super-Dynamic Speaker G-2   For use with Receiver Chassis model numbers 70-B, 90, 100 and 180. ~ 22 Ohms impeda... 
USA  99/99 Duplicate of ID=43683   This is the late version of Majestic model 72 from 1929 and later. See also the early v... 
USA  31 Majestic Thorwood   Hepplewhite Highboy. 
USA  31 Majestic Rexwood   Tudor Lowboy console. 
USA  32 Majestic 42 Deluxe Compact   Probably confused in Stein "Cathedral & Tombstone Radios" with model... 
USA  33 Majestic 195 [var.2]    
USA  33 Majestic 174 58S  The Grigsby-Grunow 174 is an AC operated 7 tube BC band receiver.  Has interval &... 
USA  33/34 Majestic 196 Gothic    


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

Scanned from the Grigsby-Grunow Co. Folder for 1931 for Majestic Radios.tbn_grigsby_grunow_folder_1931_majestic_p1.jpg
Scanned from the Grigsby-Grunow Co. Folder for 1931 for Majestic Radios.tbn_grigsby_grunow_folder_1931_majestic_p2.jpg
Scanned from the Grigsby-Grunow Co. Folder for 1931 for Majestic Radios.tbn_grigsby_grunow_folder_1931_majestic_p3.jpg
Scanned from the Grigsby-Grunow Co. Folder for 1931 for Majestic Radios.tbn_grigsby_grunow_folder_1931_majestic_p4.jpg
Probably 1928 or 1929tbn_usa_majestic_sign.jpg
Scanned from the Grigsby-Grunow Co. Folder for 1933 for Majestic Radios.tbn_grigsby_grunow_folder_1933_majestic_p1.jpg
Scanned from the Grigsby-Grunow Co. Folder for 1933 for Majestic Radios.tbn_grigsby_grunow_folder_1933_majestic_p2.jpg
Scanned from the Grigsby-Grunow Co. Folder for 1933 for Majestic Radios.tbn_grigsby_grunow_folder_1933_majestic_p3.jpg
Scanned from the Grigsby-Grunow Co. Folder for 1933 for Majestic Radios.tbn_grigsby_grunow_folder_1933_majestic_p4.jpg
Later Majestic rectifiers were made by QRS, before QRS lost a patent suit to Raytheontbn_usa_majestic_bh.jpg
Scanned from the Grigsby-Grunow Co. Folder "electric Radios" for Majestic.tbn_grigsby_grunow_folder_electric_radio_for_majestic_p1.jpg
Scanned from the Grigsby-Grunow Co. Folder "electric Radios" for Majestic.tbn_grigsby_grunow_folder_electric_radio_for_majestic_p2.jpg
Majestic advert in "The Saturday Evening Post" 1929tbn_us_majestic_radio_advert1929.jpg
The Saturday Evening Post, ca. 1930tbn_usa_majestic_advert.jpg

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Grigsby-Grunow (-Hinds) Co. (Majestic pre 1933); Chicago (IL)
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William C. Grunow - Presto-Times - notices
Ernst Erb

Here what we know from the periodical "Presto-Times" in October, 1930, page 16:

Don M. Compton is now general manager and assistant to President William C. Grunow at the
Grigsby-Grunow Co., 5801 Dickens avenue, Chicago. The new general manager was formerly in a similar capacity with the United States Radio & Television Co.

Here what we know from the periodical "Presto-Times" in March 1931, page 17 called "Radios":

William C. Grunow, who recently resigned from the presidency of the Grigsby-Grunow Co., Chicago, is expected back in the city in a few days from his resting-place at Phoenix, Ariz. The headquarters
that were established before his departure at suite 563, LaSalle-Wacker Building, 221 North La Salle
street, Chicago, present a lively and business-like appearance, for those having offices with him include
Herbert E. Young, formerly general sales manager of the Grigsby-Grunow Co.; James J. Davin, formerly
sales promotion manager; Dr. J. D. Jordan, tube engineer; Sidney L. Arneson, personal aide to
Mr. Grunow; A. C. Winnan, formerly purchasing agent; F. A. Delano, formerly head of the Majestic
Sales School; M. W. Kenney, refrigerator engineer; Harry Bailey, assistant to Mr. Young; and Charles
Henry, formerly assistant to Mr. Grunow in production matters. Soon after Mr. Grunow gets back it is
understood, he will start manufacturing radios on an extensive scale, for plans are being laid for a very
active enterprise.

The Grigsby-Grunow Co. and the Majestic Household Utilities Corporation consolidation has been ratified by the stockholders of both concerns, and this action seems to have been taken to the satisfaction and success of all concerned.

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Grigsby-Grunow or Majestic?
Konrad Birkner † 12.08.2014

Majestic is a name of multiple use. There is terrible confusion in literature about three separate companies.
To avoid doublets and achieve unambiguous allocation of radio models the relations of Majestic vs. Grigsby-Grunow and Grunow/General Household Utilities are listed in the following.

1) Company Grigsby-Grunow went bankrupt in 1932 and its models ended with the 1933 season. Models were often named Majestic.
It was followed by two successing companies:

2) Company Majestic Radio & Television started in 1933

3) Company General Household Utilities started also in 1933,
featuring the model name Grunow.

Please be extremely careful to distinguish the 3 different manufacturers, in particular for 1933 models.

Rider's is listing in the index "Grigsby-Grunow" models, but to find are they under "Majestic" in the files (although the sheets themselves are headed Grigsby-Grunow...).
Similar confusion is found in Bunis/Slusser, while Machine Age to jet Age puts together No.1 and 2, separating No.3.
Beitman calls both No.1 and 2 Majestic, but separating "old" and  "new".
Grinder does separate, but lists models from the late 1930's also under Grigsby-Grunow (No.1).

Ernst Erb

Followed by my first attempt to analyze the early model 71  from 1928 and to bring in some more information for the model line 60, 70 and 80 I write down what can be found in the Rider's page Majestic 1-24 in the original Rider's binder.

1. Parts with like part number in different assemlies and models are interchangeable, others are not.

2. The following prefixes and model numbers are for 1928 apparatus assemblies:

GA        G1 ---Power Speaker for 7-A Chassis only.
70-A      7-A---Chassis for 1928 No. 71 and No. 72 models only.
60-A      6-A---Chassis for 1928 No. 61 and No. 62 models only.

7P-6      Power Pack, 60 cycle for No. 7-A Chassis only.
7P-3      Power Pack, 30 cycle for No. 7-A Chassis only.
6P-6      Power Pack, 60 cycle for No. 6-A Chassis only.
6P-3      Power Pack, 30 cycle for No. 6-A Chassis only.

3. The following prefixes and model numbers are for 1929 apparatus assemblies:

GB        G2 ---Super Dynamic Speaker for 7-B Chassis and 180 Chassis
70-B      7-B---Chassis for 1929 No. 71 and No. 72 models only.
180       180---Chassis for 1929 No. 181 radio and phonograph combination.

7-BP-6   Power Pack, 60 cycle for 7-B Chassis only.
7-BP-3   Power Pack, 30 cycle for 7-B Chassis only.
8-P-6     Power Pack, 60 cycle for 180 Chassis only.
8-P-3     Power Pack, 25, 30, 40 cycle for 180 Chassis only.

The rest on that page has nothing to do with this but is for Majestic Model 91 and 92 with chassis model 9-P-3 and 9-P-6 Power Units. Those models show a tube line up of:  5 x 27, 2 x 245 and 380 (80). 


Grigsby-Grunow (-Hinds) Co. (Majestic pre 1933); Chicago (IL)
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