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History of the manufacturer  

Radolek Co., Chicago

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Name: Radolek Co., Chicago    (USA)  
General || Keystone || King || Marvelo || Monroe-Marvelo || Pioneer
Abbreviation: radolek
Products: Model types Others

Radolek Company, 601 W. Randolph St., Chicago, Illinois.

Trade names General, Keystone, King, Marvelo, Monroe-Marvelo, Ozarka, Pioneer, Radolek.

The trade name Ozarka is mentioned in "The Radio Collector's Directory and Price Guide 1921 - 1965" 2nd Edition. Currently no more evidence available for or against this connection.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  35 10926 6A7  see also model 926, similarity not yet veryfied. 
USA  35 10927 6A8  see also model 927, similarity not yet veryfied. 
USA  35 10928 6A7  see also model 928, similarity not yet veryfied. 
USA  35 10931 [with SW] 6D6  The Riders schematic says "IF PEAK 456 KC". This is an error since the set is a TRF. See a... 
USA  35 10943 6A7  see also model 943, similarity not yet veryfied. 
USA  33 10951 6A7  see also model 951, similarity not yet veryfied. 
USA  33 10953 [1933 Model] 58  see also model 953, similarity not yet veryfied. 
USA  33 10956 [1933 Model] 57  see also model 956, similarity not yet veryfied. 
USA  33 10962 78   
USA  33 10963 6A7  mains supply 60 cycles. 
USA  33 10964 6A7  mains supply 25 cycles. 
USA  33 10966 [1933 Model] 6D6  There is a Model X, which is similar, save the speaker grille variant. 


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

Original 1938 Radolek Ordertbn_us_radolek_1938_order.jpg
Original 1938 Radolek Envelopetbn_us_radolek_1938_envelope.jpg
Scanned from the Radio Retailing September 1946 page 80.tbn_rr_sep46_p80.jpg