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History of the manufacturer  

Unica Radio, Rudolph Schmidt; København

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Name: Unica Radio, Rudolph Schmidt; København    (DK)  
Abbreviation: unica
Products: Model types

Unica Radio, Rudolph Schmidt

Founded: 1915
Production: 1925 -
[Soon as coming back from the United States Rudolph Schmidt founded his business on March 1st 1915 in Løngangsstræde in København, as a representative dealer of the US car manufacturers "Oldsmobile", "Steward Gardener" trucks, "Henderson" motorcycles and "AC" sparks. He sold also "Stoewer" racing cars. In 1919 he moved his company to Farvergade (also København>).
1923: Schmidt imported and sold american "De Forest" radios.]
1926: Schmidt started manufacturing of own radios, brand name "Unica (Radio)". The factory was initially located in Valdemarsgade (København), short time later in the Farvergade (København).
1930: Schmidt started a cooperation with the american radio manufacturer "Philco" which has ended in 1933. He was now importing radio parts and selling electric household appliances, cutleries, gramophones (etc).
1940: Schmidt acquiered the company "Bang & Pingel" from his father-in-law. The "Unica" factory was moved to Ryesgade and soon to Ny Carlsbergvej (both in København).
1946: The son of Rudolph Schmidt became partner. "Unica Radio" was separated from the other trade business, but the further history of "Unica" is yet unknown.
[1952: "Rudolph Schmidt A/S" started. Later heavy activities in the electric branch. The company acquired (and sold) many other companies. All together is actually still active as "Aurora Group Danmark A/S"]

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
DK  42 Pilot 43D DK21  Dial illumination can be switched on by pressing the tuning knob. Speaker type LK 440. 
DK  40 Condor ECH3   
DK  31 JS34 HR410  Gerät hat fabrikmässig keine Rückwand. 
DK  52 Succes unknown_Tube   
DK  59 Oscar 7013 UCC85   
DK  64 Oscar 7064 UCC85  2 Kurzwellenbereiche: 20m-50m und 80m-180m. UKW-Demodulation mit Phasendiskriminator. 
DK  60 Oscar 7015 UCC85   
DK  55 Stereo 7046 UAF42   
DK  56 Oxford 7003 UCC85  Drehschalter zur Auswahl von LB, MB, FB, 2x KB(17 - 50m, sowie 80 -150m für das sog. Fi... 
DK  51 Coppelia 6004 UCH21   
DK  52 Fregat 6007 UCH42   
DK  48 Juno 48 UCH21   


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