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History of the manufacturer  

EICO (Electronic Instrument Co.Inc.) Brooklyn

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Name: EICO (Electronic Instrument Co.Inc.) Brooklyn    (USA)  
alternative name:
Electronic Instrument Co.
Abbreviation: eico
Products: Model types Others

Electronic Instrument Co. Inc., 84 Whiters St., Brooklyn 11, N.Y. Manufacturer of electronic instruments for repair, amplifiers, radio workshops, etc... Electronic Instrument Co. Inc., 131-01 39th Avenue, Flushing, NY 11352

There is virtually no area of our every day life where EICO Products do not make a contribution. For there are more than 3,000,000 EICO Electronic Products in use in American homes, industry, military as well as in Federal, State and local Government. In the Nation's schools, EICO Test Instruments and training aids make it easier for students to learn about electricity and electronics.

The wide range of equipment that EICO has made available covers nearly every phase of electronics-High Fidelity (Receivers, Amplifiers, Tuners and Speakers); tape recorders; test instruments, Citizen Band and Amateur Radio and Transistor Radios.

Founded: 1945
Production: 1945 -
Located originally in Brooklyn, later in Queens and then back to Brooklyn. EICO started off as a test equipment manufacturer and offered many kits and wired units throughout its manufacturer history. Since 1945, EICO has been recognized as a leader in the design and manufacture of electronic products in kit form. EICO's 20 years of growth is a matter of public record. Responsible for this growth is the company's strict adherence to its policies of top quality products at reasonable prices. The Company's recent move to a modern 110,000 square foot plant marks the beginning of another era in EICO product development and contribution to the Nation's economy.

This manufacturer was suggested by Carlos A. Pieroni-García.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  53 526 Multimeter   1000 ohm per volt multimeter with 31 ranges This Model 526 is similar to Model 536, but... 
USA  60 FM Stereo Tuner Classic Series 2200 ECC85   
USA  64 R-C Bridge & R-C-L Comparitor 965 6EJ7  An extremely flexible, low voltage resistance-capacitance bridge and resistance-capacitanc... 
USA  67 Sentinel Pro 779A 6GH8  The EICO 779A Sentinel Pro is a 5 watt, 23 channel CB. Its receiver is a dual conversion s... 
USA  67 FM/MPX Stereo Tuner Cortina 3200   The EICO Cortina 3200 is a FM multoplex stereo tuner. It was available as a kit ($89.95) o... 
USA  61 CB Walkie-Talkie 740   The EICO 740 Walkie-Talkie is a solid-state handheld CB transceiver.  It includes a r... 
USA  61 Variable Frequency Oscillator 722 6AU6  The EICO 722 Variable Frequency Oscillator covers 80 through 10 meters in six bands. ... 
USA  67 Space Ranger 711 12BE6  The EICO 711 Space Ranger is a general coverage receiver, covering .55-30 MHz in four band... 
USA  61 760   The Eico 760 is a citizens band traansceiver operating in the 11 meter band on 23 channels... 
USA  61 723 6DQ6  The Eico 723 is a 60 watt CW only transmitter. 
USA  67 Stereo Amplifier Cortina 3070   The Eico Cortina 3070 is a 70 watt stereo amplifier. 
USA  60 Low Ripple Battery Eliminator & Charger 1060 Selenium-Rectifier  6 or 12 volts operation with current and voltage constantly monitored by separate meters. 


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