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Swan Electronics, Oceanside, CA

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Name: Swan Electronics, Oceanside, CA    (USA)  
Abbreviation: swan

305 Airport Road, Oceanside, CA 92054. Now a subsidiary of Cubic Corporation. Manufacturer of amateur tranceivers and related items. Swan made only one receiver, the 600-R. It was designed to match the 600-T HAM bands transmitter.

Founded: 1960

Founded by Herb Johnson, W7GRA/W8KQI, in Benson, Arizona as first called "Swan Engeneering". First product was the cheap SSB transceiver SW-120. 1962, production was still greving, Swan moved to Oceanside, California. Later the company sold to Cubic Corporation, a San Diego based conglomerate that mainly sold sophisticated communications equipment to the US government and military agencies around the globe. In the late 1970ies Swan came into difficulties because the far east competitors in the HAM market play a bigger role and buisness still going down. A reanimation in the 1990ies was not successful. 

This manufacturer was suggested by Eilert Menke.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  71–74 Receiver 600-R 6BZ6  The Swan 600-R Receiver is a single conversion superheterodyne, covering the 80 ... 
USA  69 Cygnet 260 12BA6  80 to 10 meters HAM bands SSB/CW transceiver for fixed and mobile applications. Power outp... 
USA  75 100 MX   Mobil-Transceiver. Amateurbänder 80/40/20/15/10 m; Output 100 Watt. Service manual printed... 
USA  77 SSB Transceiver 350D   Swan 350D single sideband transceiver: covers amateur bands 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 m, digital ... 
USA  74 SSB Transceiver SS-200   Swan 5-Band-Transceiver SS-200.Covers 10 to 80 m HAM bands in USB/LSB and CW; Pin: SSB 300... 
USA  74 Solid State Power Supply PS-220   Solid state power supply with built-in loudspeaker matching the SS-200 Transceiver. 
USA  74 External VFO SS-208   External (2nd) VFO matching the SS-200 Transceiver series, covers 80 - 10 m ham bands, 8 s... 
USA  74 In-Line Wattmeter WM-1500   The Swan WM-1500 In-Line Wattmeter has four scales from 0 to 5, 50. 500 and 1500 watt... 
USA  67–69 500cx 6EW6  Transceiver for 80m to 10m amateur bands (no WARC bands). Op modes/power: SSB 550 W PEP... 
USA  65 Swan 1011   10 meter ham band SSB/AM RX/TX, 11 m CB RX only, plug-in converter for 12 V DC operation t... 
USA  79 Astro 150   Digitally tuned (10-80 m) SSB transceiver with LED readout. Transmitter power output 100 W... 
USA  80 Cubic Astro-150A   Digitally tuned (10-80 m) SSB transceiver with LED readout. Transmitter power output 100 W... 


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Swan Electronics, Oceanside, CA
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Swan Electronics, Oceanside, CA
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