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History of the manufacturer  

Electrical Research Laboratories Inc. (Erla); Chicago, Illinois

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Name: Electrical Research Laboratories Inc. (Erla); Chicago, Illinois    (USA)  
Abbreviation: erla
Products: Model types Tube manufacturer

Erla = Electrical Reserach Labs; 2500 Cottage Grove Avenue, Chicago, Illinois - see also Sentinel Radio.
Trade names Erla, Pearson, Ramway, Sentinel, Sky Rover, Tone Master.

Generalvertretung Schweiz: J. Jäger, Radios en gros; Zürich - aber Genf = Arslanian.


ERLA has not to be confused with Electrical Research Products Inc. which was connected to Radio Wire Television Inc. formerly Wholesale Radio Service Co. Inc. New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Newark, Bronx NY, Jamaica LI for the brand Lafayette.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  41 234 ET466 12K8   
USA  34 6446 6D6  Wave ranges: MW 540 - 1720 kHz LW  126 - 356 kHz SW  5,... 
USA  26 Monodic Ch= S50 [5 tube table version] UX201A  3 RF stages. 2 dial - 3 tuning capacitors. The right hand dial drives 2 tuning capa... 
USA  26 Sextet [console]   One dial (primary tuning control knob). Built-in Erla Omnitonic reproducer with seven f... 
USA  32 Variable-Mu    
USA  25 Balloon Circloid RF-Transformer   Toroidal RF-Transformer. 
USA  36 289    
USA  31 Erla 22U   Clock radio. 
USA  22 R.F. Transformer AB1, AB2, AB3   R.F. Transformer AB1, AB2, AB3.       
USA  28 Duo Dynamic Speaker   Different voltages: 110 V AC : $42.50  6 V DC : $30.00 110 V DC : $35.... 
USA  25 Rheostat   Rheostat.     
USA  28 Walnut Cabinet for Duo Dynamic Speaker   Walnut Cabinet for Duo Dynamic Speaker.   


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

Firmen-Logo: Erla USA um 1929tbn_usa_erla_1929_firmenlogo.jpg
By courtesy of Gerhard Buck, DJ3YR. Picture from the US journal "Electronics", 1942.tbn_us_army_bc611_walkie_talkie_in_electronics_1942_1.png
Radio Broadcast, Feb. 1925, p.848jtbn_usa_erla_superflex.jpg
Radio Broadcast, Sep. 1925, p. 671tbn_usa_erla.jpg
Citizens Radio Call Book, May 1924, p. 148tbn_usa_erla_123t.jpg
Thanks for Mr.Szécsényi Lajos, Hungary, Pocsaj and Első Zalai Rádiómúzeum Alapítvány, First Zala County Radio Museum Foundation.tbn_usa_erla_ballooncircloid_brandname.jpg
Tube leaflet part 1tbn_erla1.png
Tube leaflet part 2tbn_erla2.png
Tube leaflet part 3tbn_erla3.png