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History of the manufacturer  

Industrial Union Poliot, Cheliabinsk

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Name: Industrial Union Poliot, Cheliabinsk    (SU)  
alternative name:
Cheliabinsk Radio Works IU "Poliot"
Abbreviation: indus-u-po
Products: Model types

Portable transistor radios "Rossija" and other models.

General production - aerodrome, aircraft, space, navigation operating devices. Producibled some transistor radios - room and portable.

Founded: 1952

This manufacturer was suggested by Zenonas Langaitis.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
SU  70 Astrad Altair   The Altair superhet receiver has the following wave bands: LW: 150 - 408 kHz (2... 
SU  84 Rossiâ {Россия} 203 КТ3126А  Wellenbereiche: LW, MW, 2 x KW (3,9 - 7,5 MHz, 9,3 - 12,5 MHz). 
SU  71 Mezon - Мезон 201    
SU  60 Rodina {Родина} 60M2 {60М2}    
SU  60 Rodina {Родина} 60   Wave bands - MW, LW and 3 SW. 
SU  66 Otdyh - Отдых    
SU  63 Èfir {Эфир}   First transistor radio with record player in past SU. 
SU  72 Rossiâ {Россия} 304   Similar to Rossiya-301, but on the market was sold under both markings. 
SU  59 Rodina {Родина} 59 1И2П  Tubes (HF - heterodyne,IF) and transistors (low-frequency amplifier). 
SU  74–82 Rossiâ {Россия} 303   Coverage MW, LW and 2× SW (24,8-31,5 m, 41-75,9 m). 
SU  57/58 Rodina {Родина} 58 1А1П  Schemat same as Rodina 52A, see in RMorg. 
SU  52 Rodina - Родина 52A - 52А 1А1П  Schemat same as Rodina 52, Voronezh Electrosignal Radio Works(SU) see in RMorg. Small diff... 


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Industrial Union "Poliot" logo.tbn_su_poliot_1952_logo.jpg
Cheliabinsk Radio Works logo on radio set "Ivolga 66".tbn_su_poliot_1966_logoonradioivolga66.jpg