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MILITARY U.K. (different makers for same model)

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Name: MILITARY U.K. (different makers for same model)    (GB)  
Abbreviation: mil-gb
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MILITARY: Here we bring communications equipment and related items developed and produced by different companies. Please don't use, RAD for receiver but MIR (military - receiver only) or RRE for radio repair equipment etc.
There will be military equipment which members will load up to individual companies / makers they know or shown on the equipment label, but all military equipment will still show up by selecting the model type and is not lost in the huge pile of radios.


This manufacturer was suggested by Martin Bösch.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
GB  30 Wireless Set No.4 AT200  Wireless set No. 4: Long range transmitter and receiver covering 63 - 375 kHz, telegraphy,... 
GB  41 Wireless Set No.38 [Mk II] ARP12  Wireless set No. 38: Short range man-pack transceiver covering 7,3 - 9 MHz, AM (A3), pout ... 
GB  48 Wireless Set No.31 CV807  Wireless set No. 31: Short range man-pack transceiver covering 40 - 48 MHz VHF, FM (F3), p... 
GB  41 Wireless Set No.37 A40_Mazda  Wireless Set No. 37: UHF transceiver for short range communication, coverage 340 - 385 MHz... 
GB  40 Wireless Set No.47 4316A  Wireless Set No. 47: UHF transceiver covering 500 - 550 MHz, AM (A3), MCW, pout 5 Watts. ... 
GB  42–44 Sweetheart 31/1 1T4  Frequency range 6-18 mc. This model was designed by the Norwegain engineer Willy Ch... 
GB  42 Wireless Set No.46 ATP4  Wireless Set No.46: manpack transceiver operating on three crystal controlled channels in ... 
GB  41–45 Wireless Set No.19 Mk III (Mk 3) 6K7G  Wireless Set No. 19 Mk III: Two-band high-power transceiver for armored fighting vehicles ... 
GB  50 Radio Interferance Measuring Set Pattern no 32024 EF42  Portable Radio Interference Measuring Set.  Used on board ships as well as at shore s... 
GB  38–46 Sounder Relaying Type B 10G 138   Sounder relay belonging to the British Air Ministry WW2 Type B 10G/138. This device all... 
GB  40–45 R1155C VR99A  A modified version of the R1155A model, produced for use in Coastal Command aircraft with ... 
GB  40–45 R1155L / R1155N VR99A  Receivers designed for use in military aircraft including the RAF Avro Lancaster bomber, w... 


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MILITARY U.K. (different makers for same model)
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Production date coding on British Army Euipment
Martin Bösch
  1 Most communications equipment used by the British Army carries a square label. On that the manufacturer, model type and a code indicating the production month can be found.
MILITARY U.K. (different makers for same model)
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